Have you worked on a video marketing strategy before? Then you might have heard about video accessibility that your website visitors aspire to enjoy. Video accessibility means the different facilities available to you associated with the video. The users can use the video in multiple ways and make alterations in the video for a better experience.

They can change the video quality, pause the video, or play it back randomly from a particular point. There are other amazing features that your video content visitors are going to enjoy. To improve video accessibility for your video content adding YouTube Subtitles can be a powerful strategy.


However, you have to make sure that you’ve got a YouTube Channel to promote your stuff as such. You can make use of YouTube subtitles to enhance the accessibility of your YouTube videos and consequently bring more traffic to your videos. People like to have control over the videos and use them in multiple ways as they like. They also want to share such videos with their loved ones. You need to take care of all such aspects of video accessibility. 

This article is strongly dedicated to YouTube subtitles and how you can make use of the same to improve your video accessibility for more traffic & engagement. To make it more comprehensive and understandable we have distributed the post into the following subparts: 

  • Meaning of YouTube Subtitles
  • Significance of YouTube Subtitles
  • Tools & Techniques for Adding YouTube Subtitles 
  • How to Add YouTube Subtitles for Video Accessibility?
  • Conclusion of the Study

YouTube is a brilliant source of social media marketing that’s based on a unique content creation strategy. Videos are always a great source of information and you can attract a fine group of subscribers and visitors to your YouTube Channel as such. Moreover, you can visit eGoodMedia anytime to see what potential your YouTube Channel has to allure your YouTube audience. We’re a renowned Social Media Marketing team based in Vancouver delivering groundbreaking solutions to the emerging businesses around the West Coast!

Meaning of YouTube Subtitles

YouTube Subtitles usually depict the caption you give to your YouTube videos. These subtitles are very important to cover a specified group of visitors and subscribers and let you generate exceptional traffic for your video content. These are closed captions that help you approach a large audience for your video content. You can enlarge your business with the help of your YouTube videos. For this, a good caption is very important. YouTube is also a kind of search engine that consists of corresponding norms and protocols. On the basis of that, it ranks your YouTube videos to be accessed by the visitors. 


The caption can consist of certain keywords that the users & visitors are looking to be answered on YouTube. You have to come up with a solution from your videos and that’s how you have to create them. You need to keep in mind what information is essential for your target visitors. Moreover, you have to make sure that the correct content format is used to serve the users. You are not supposed to deliver content that’s animated for every kind of business idea out there. 

Coming back to subtitles, they reflect what’s there in the video in a summarized manner. So many user queries on YouTube can relate to what you have got as your subtitle. You can reach out to eGoodMedia and share your concern related to potential video creation for your YouTube Channel. We’re a team of skilled Website Marketers & Social Media Optimization Experts and we care about your online business promotion goals!

Significance of YouTube Subtitles

The main aim of adding YouTube subtitles to your videos is that you want to reach out more audience and traffic for your website videos. Apart from this, YouTube subtitles provide your videos with some identity that differentiates them from other videos. No two videos can be the same. You also have to create albums for your website videos. The albums simply consist of different video titles and features that could be identified separately. Listed below are some considerable points that depict the importance of YouTube subtitles perfectly:

1. Enhance Video Accessibility 

There are different factors that contribute to video accessibility. Video accessibility means you give the user permission to conduct certain actions on your YouTube Videos. Actually, YouTube gives them permission to do so. However, YouTube subtitles can also help you contribute to video accessibility and promote more user engagement. Your video is accessed by more and more people out there when they know what resides on it exactly. YouTube subtitles help you achieve more accessibility for your visitors and subscribers in this way. 

2. Improves SEO Efforts

As discussed earlier, YouTube is itself a search engine and ranks multiple videos against specified keywords and user queries out there. This is what you have to do conducting an SEO strategy for your videos. So SEO is also applicable to your video content creation & maintenance goals on YouTube. Subtitles & closed captions are indexed by Google & YouTube both and that’s why you can’t overlook an SEO strategy for your video marketing objective. Moreover, it allows you to optimize your YouTube videos properly. You can make changes to the content that servers for Search Engine Optimization perfectly. 

3. Advanced Comprehension

This is one of the most important consequences of applying YouTube subtitles to your videos. It makes the content more comprehensive to be considered for information. The visitors understand your video title more effectively. You have to make them believe in your video content as nobody wants to waste time on irrelevant content. They will see the number of views on the video, its title, and subtitle thoroughly before visiting your channel. So you have to make sure that whatever you’re posting stands with engaging & trustworthy subtitles.  

4. Better UX

Though it is a web designing concept, you can consider it as a very good factor to raise your video accessibility on YouTube. User experience is essential everywhere. Your website videos are also there to provide users with an experience that they never forget, in a nice way of course. A better user experience means better content and better accessibility to your YouTube video. Talking about accessibility, what you can do for better UX is to add subtitles to your videos. A study suggests that more than 85% of Facebook videos are watched muted. In this way, subtitles can help you create a notable video marketing strategy for your business. 

There could be many people who are deaf by their ears and don’t need to listen to what’s being conveyed in the video. But they can instead read if you’ve got them perfect subtitles.  

5. More Traffic

This could be done with the help of language. You just need to choose a language that’s perfect for some other target audience you want to trigger through your video. You can make videos in your own language by voice but serve another community or group of visitors from other countries simultaneously through your video subtitles. This will eventually attract users from different parts of the world and consequently draw ample traffic to your video for better views and corresponding earnings on your YouTube Channel. 

So, that’s how important YouTube Subtitles could be for your video accessibility on YouTube. You can also know about your video accessibility levels by sharing your YouTube Videos details with eGoodMedia and know where you can reach by applying corresponding subtitles to your YouTube videos. At eGoodMedia we provide you the finest Social Media Marketing & Optimization Solutions for your video marketing campaign! 

Tools & Techniques for Adding YouTube Subtitles

Now there are multiple online tools you can use to add YouTube Subtitles to your videos. The list starts with YouTube itself. However, there are other potential tools as well. You need to see your requirements and corresponding facilities that are going to be good for your video marketing goals. Following this, here are the online tools and techniques you can choose and employ to add YouTube Subtitles to your top videos on the platform:


1. YouTube Automated Technique

The very first tool on the list is YouTube itself. It’s got an automatic tool that figures out the words from the audio of the YouTube video you have targeted. However, you can’t bet on a 100% accuracy rate regarding its subtitles. But it can be a very good option if you’re not interested to pay for additional features and a perfect accuracy rate regarding the same. You can easily post videos with subtitles on YouTube and you don’t need to pay anything at all. You can attract many visitors at a time. Moreover, you can watch & pause the videos to find corresponding mistakes in the subtitles and make minor changes in the same. 

2. Otter.ai

Now let’s walk out further and see other external tools for your YouTube subtitles. Otter.ai is a perfect tool that runs on special transcription software. It helps capture live transcriptions of video conferences & meetings and you can add these to your YouTube Channel as well. You can also draw the transcriptions from your YouTube videos and add them further in the form of your subtitles. As the name suggests, the program is based on a good AI Technique that knows what your video messages are all about. It serves immediate & automated transcriptions for your video subtitles so that you don’t miss to entertain your viewers anyway. 

Otter.ai also serves you 600 free minutes of your first transcription after which you’ll be charged $12.99 per month. The plan is decent as coming with the first 600 minutes for free and we suggest you surely try the service if you love to post YouTube videos with subs for your business goals. 

3. Rev

This is also a voice transcription service provider in the list. It’s got a 99% accuracy rate associated with your YouTube content. But there’s a payment factor involved too. You need to pay $1.25 per minute and there’s your transcription. The AI setup it has got serves you with 80% accuracy $0.25 per minute. It’s got different budget frames for different types of YouTube subtitles projects. So you have a variety to select from and decide on your budget accordingly.  You can have different types of closed captions for your YouTube videos. You can easily paste the transcriptions into your subtitle editor on YouTube. 

4. Subly

Subly is another gem in the pocket that’s dedicated to bettering UX and accessibility. The tool helps you automatically overlay the captions and make corresponding changes to the subtitles based on specific fonts and colors. You can also download the caption to use it on the video editor available to you on YouTube. You can also make use of the tool online amid posting your Instagram & Facebook stories. Their free plan comes with 40 minutes of initial transcription. There’s a pro plan too for which you have to pay $8 per month. The plan offers up to 1000 minutes of transcriptions per month. 

These were some of the best tools you can use in this context. Furthermore, you get expert advice at eGoodMedia for your social media marketing plans. Our groundbreaking Social Media Optimization & Website SEO services are just perfect for revolutionary business ideas right like yours!

How to Add YouTube Subtitles for Video Accessibility?

Adding subtitles to your YouTube videos is a process that usually takes place on YouTube. You can go through some steps to ensure better application of your video subtitles. Before applying these subtitles you need to keep in mind what video clip you’re targeting through your subtitles. We also don’t recommend going for a subtitle very importantly. Some videos are better enough to serve users without subtitles. You have to specify and analyze your audience first.


Here are the steps you need to follow while putting subtitles into your video content on YouTube:

1. Go to the YouTube Studio

YouTube is itself a search engine and a live video streaming website that is considered as an online library of videos posted around the world. It is not just a streaming website but also a platform of video creation and editing for numerous YouTubers all over the world. So it’s got a separate workshop for creative video marketers who want to promote uniqueness through their content. We’re talking about the YouTube studio. You just need to visit the YouTube Studio and just play with your stuff. You have to log in or signup to your account to get started with your YouTube Studio Dashboard.  From this dashboard, you can make ample changes to your YouTube videos. You can also conduct Channel Analytics via the performance of such videos. 

2. Subtitles Tab

The subtitles tab is situated in the left sidebar navigation on the YouTube dashboard you’ve got for your video content creation. You’ll get to see it as “Subtitles” and have to click on the same to open what resides in the next window. When it opens you see the top videos on your YouTube channel that you can edit and make changes to. The videos are distributed into the categories of “All”, “Drafts” & “Published” ones. You can simply decide on what group of videos you want to open and apply your subtitles in this context. 

3. Video Selection

The approaching step is to select your favorite videos. Remember that you’re not supposed to add YouTube subtitles to each and every video out there. You can specify the videos out of your requirements and make corresponding decisions of adding subtitles to the same. You can select the video from the list of all videos as already available to you. You can view all your uploads based on drafts & published categories. Just click on the “pencil” icon to edit the video as per your subtitle plan. 

4. Language Selection

You can select any other language for your video. You’re not supposed to stick to the language that resides in the video clip. You can also select the same language as present in your video content. The selection of a different language simply means you’re interested in drawing traffic associated with other countries or regions than yours. This could be a great strategy if you want to increase traffic and views on your video. So you can set a default or a different language for your YouTube video subtitle in this context. 

5. Edit & Publish

You can edit any previous subtitles that are incorrect on your videos if any. For editing, you have to click on the pencil icon and start making changes to certain sentences and lines that you feel are incorrect or insufficient for your YouTube video. Click on the Duplicate & Edit button to make changes to the errors generated out of auto subtitles previously. Make sure that the subtitles you’ve added in the video provide your content perfectly. And after that publish the videos for public access. 

Conclusion of the Study

So that’s how you can amplify the video accessibility of your YouTube content by introducing YouTube subtitles. You can further make changes to the content you’ve already provided subtitles with. eGoodMedia is also concerned about your social media marketing plans for better YouTube videos representing your business aspects. Let us know if our Online Marketing & Website Optimization services can help you out with your business plan!