What social media platform do you prefer the most for your digital marketing goals? Social media is the finest way you can reach out to your target audience and even promote an interaction. Website traffic is one of the main reasons why you have to conduct a digital marketing campaign for your business. Website traffic helps you improve the DA of your website and consequently enhance your search engine ranking. And you can get your website traffic from social media platforms immensely. Because social media websites are the places where most of the user interactions in the world take place. 

People use social media platforms around different parts of the world. They share their social life, their experiences, and even their daily routine on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Hence they’re frequently active to go through your social media posts & messages. You just need to link them to your social media handles & profiles. Not talking about Instagram, despite being free from link building & stuff, it can bring notable traffic to your website. Unlike guest posting, you also don’t have to pay anything for getting traffic on your site. 

In this article, we want to discuss Instagram & its impact on your website traffic in detail. You will come to know how you can improve traffic on your website through Instagram and the corresponding benefits of drawing traffic from Instagram. Here are the main highlights of the post:

  • About Instagram
  • Budding Features on Instagram Facilitating Businesses
  • How to Generate Free Website Traffic from Instagram?
  • Final Words on Traffic From Instagram

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Let’s begin the topic!

About Instagram

Instagram is a social Images, photos & videos sharing platform that came into existence in October 2010. Owned by Facebook it is a great way you can share your social media posts based on images & videos essentially. The support of hashtags & geographical tagging remains the same as Facebook. You can also create a profile representing your company & your business and share your social media messages with prospective website visitors. But you have to focus on the content that you’re required to submit on this sort of platform. 


Different social media sites have different social media content creation standards. You’re not supposed to write limitlessly on Instagram to allure your target audience. They’re not there to read about your products & services. They usually scroll through so many images, photographs & videos and are used to them. Hence, the availability of text content is comparatively very low on Instagram. Even text messages are shown in the form of pictures and images. 

If you don’t have an Instagram account to date you must go for one especially to represent your business. Marketing is essential for online as well as offline promotion of your products & services. You can consult experienced Social Media Marketing & Website SEO Experts at our company to help you with your marketing plans. At eGoodMedia we take care of your business objectives and bring you innovative solutions for your marketing issues!

Budding Features on Instagram Facilitating Businesses

Every social media website has got some features that are essential for both companies & regular users. Businesses can also take advantage of certain features for becoming considerable in the eyes of emerging customers & website visitors. These features can help you promote your products in different ways. Consequently, you can draw ample traffic to your website or specific cornerstone pages. Here are some Instagram features that we think could facilitate your social marketing efforts & business promotion beautifully:

1. Instagram Shopping

First of all, Instagram facilitates an online shopping platform that links to your eCommerce website pages and product descriptions. We can call them Instagram ads. Instagram allows you to set up your shoppable tags associated with your products & service pages. You can make use of the feed posts to represent such tags. Moreover, on the “Instagram shop” the users can find your top products associated with particular keywords. The users use such keywords to reach out to their favorite product ads on Instagram. 

2. Instagram Live

You can come up with an online webinar or session representing your target products & services. You can get into fine customer interaction and tell them about your budding products and business plan. The Instagram Live feature helps you create an ambiance for buying & selling. If not buying & selling, you can simply promote your products exceptionally through such techniques. You can also arrange Instagram Live Shopping & Live Badges to support your social media marketing goals. Hence, it can be a very good feature for your website traffic.


IGTV is a built-in channel where you can feature Instagram ads representing your target products or services essentially. You can also feature any customer interviews & tutorials that are based on your products & services. However, you have to arrange for proper video shooting in this context. You have to make sure of the sound of the video you’re creating. Plus you can also hire graphic designers who can add brilliant visual effects to your promotional videos or ads. So it is also a very good feature that leads to potential traffic on your website.

4. Pinned Comments

Pinned comments are budding features on Instagram. You can promote your brand value very effectively with the help of these comments. The feature allows you to pin good comments about your products & services that are going to help you analyze your brand value & customer’s love for your products. Instagram lets you choose 3 pinned comments on a post currently. So you can set up your marketing strategy accordingly.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the regular Instagram posts that your followers go through. These are the most traffic-generating opportunities or features that you can enjoy for your website promotion. Because most of the users are just there to scroll down and see what’s the update. The update can be related to your website UI, your products & services. It resembles a newspaper that the visitors & followers like to read frequently. You have to create that newspaper for them. So don’t forget to update your Instagram stories.


6. Stickers

Stickers are the features that let you make certain queries to your target customers on Instagram. You can know their likes & dislikes and also their opinion regarding something even beyond your products & services. It will help you a lot to make changes in your marketing strategy, your products & services in the future. Stickers can be of the following categories in this context-

  • Question Stickers
  • Slider Stickers
  • Countdown Stickers
  • Poll Stickers &
  • Quiz Stickers

All these stickers can represent the customer tastes & preferences associated with a particular product. This way you can facilitate your business aims & objectives perfectly.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards are an amazing way you can attract a customer to become a member of your online & eCommerce services. You can include numerous offers & cashback regarding your products & services on the gift cards. Instagram also helps you put your crazy gift cards & deals on your business profile or Instagram Shop. You can show corresponding offers related to top products and gift cards can also help you come up with new purchasing standards & norms that you want to communicate with your customers.

8.  Backlink

This is another important aspect you can include in your Instagram Business Bio. Backlinks aren’t too successful in the case of social media platforms like Instagram. However, if a follower likes to visit your company or website bio on Instagram he can notice the link to your eCommerce site very easily. You’re not supposed to mention the backlink everywhere. Remember most of the users are there to keep scrolling what the social media platform has got to exhibit regularly. 

So that’s what Instagram has to offer the budding business setups all over the world. Marketing is an inseparable part of business development and you should better focus on the social media marketing plan you’ve got for your growth & development. Share your problem with our skilled Online Marketing & Website SEO professionals. At eGoodMedia we devote our interest in your vision & mission regarding marketing & promotion of your star products or services!!

How to Generate Free Website Traffic from Instagram?

In the previous segment, we have discussed how the emerging Instagram features can help you with your business goals and corresponding marketing plans. Now comes the consequential part. What would you achieve by running an Instagram marketing campaign as such? The most important result is website traffic. You don’t need to merely focus on Instagram shops to push your products for instant sale. You also need to let the customers visit your website, again & again and intensify your online presence. Here are the tips & tricks you can use to allure your website traffic from Instagram:


1. Optimize your Bio Link

The bio link is the backlink you have put in your Instagram bio representing your business. You can change its source from time to time. Instagram doesn’t permit you to share links to your website so often. You have a space to share the backlink and you can decide what to put in that space in the future. If you think another website page URL is important to be shared existing you can replace it with the previous bio link in your Instagram bio. This way you can achieve more website traffic in case the previous link is not up to the mark. But make sure to evaluate the performance of the previous backlink first. 

2. Tag Products or Services

It is not necessary that the visitor only wants to buy a product by visiting a particular product page. He or she might be looking for a comprehensive detail or specification about the product. However, the action that the user takes to come to the target website page is very important. You can tag your products or service pages on the Instagram shop and aspect considerable traffic to the specified web pages. It is free of cost and the users would come to the target URL for at least knowing about the product properly. Who knows you could manage to draw some conversions out of the traffic?

3. Link your IGTV

Another important medium of backlink could be your IGTV content. It comprises a clickable link that users can go with a CTA. The link is found in the description of the IGTV content. The users often have to visit the title of the post to get to the description. So you need to make sure you don’t display a link to an inappropriate URL. The visitor must not feel wasting his or her precious time visiting what you have got to offer. You can also mention the link in the video clip or advertisement you have created for your IGTV post. You’re always advised to make sure of the originality of the content and don’t try to copy what your competitor offers on the same platform.

4. Add Links to Stories

You can also add links to your Instagram stories but you should know what sort of content you’re expected to create to attract your target customers. The user can tap the “click more” button to reach the bottom of the linked story you have. You have to make sure that the content or your Instagram post inspires the visitor to click on the link you have provided. So better hire a content creation team that specializes in adding creativity into your Instagram post. You can also hire a photography expert if you want to take it to a whole new level.   

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5. Instagram Messaging

Another important technique you can make use of is Instagram messages. You can make this up to your existing customers more effectively. If you have old conversations with some of your star buyers & customers you can update them by messaging on Instagram regarding your new products & services. Moreover, you can arrange for new conversations, either individual or grouped to update them on new offers. You have to give the link to the corresponding URL in the conversation along with a small description of what you want to offer. 

6. Push Notifications

Notifications also help to update users regarding emerging products & services associated with a website they’ve already linked to. Moreover, Instagram also allows the users to select whether they want to get notifications from your business page or not. This will inspire them to suggest your brand name to others as well. The result is more traffic and recognition of your website pages. You can provide them the facility of such notifications related to your Instagram Posts, Stories, IGTV & Live Videos. Website traffic can be achieved through free consent, not a push.

8. Hire Influencers

Influencers are the social media marketing experts that post regularly on behalf of your online business. They know how to allure the user’s attention and create engaging content for your target URL. You can tell them what you want to exhibit through the Instagram post and they would also suggest to you the prospective solutions in this context. You have to let them see what your website URL is all about. Then they can create a content strategy accordingly. Instagram influencers are generally experts in photography & graphic designing and can create advertisements as well regarding your Instagram post.

9. Add CTAs

There could be followers & customers who simply want to visit the web page or buying page on your eCommerce website. You can simply add the corresponding Call to Action buttons on your Instagram profile to draw traffic to the corresponding web pages. When users simply want to contact you by phone or text or mail it can also be a great opportunity you can use to enhance traffic on your website. The users often start searching for other stuff on your website if they like your UX design & UI.

10. Track Performance

You’re always advised to track the performance of your social media marketing operations. There are ample social media analytics tools available online that you can go for. The best we would recommend are Sprout Social, HubSpot & BuzzSumo. By tracking corresponding performance you come to know what improvements you can conduct on your social media marketing efforts for relative projects.

Final Words on Traffic from Instagram

Website traffic whether from Instagram or Facebook depends on the tastes & preferences of the prospective visitors & customers. Hence you’re always advised to run research first and know your audience properly. Similarly, you have to conduct some initial research regarding what the users like & dislike about the product you’re going to introduce. You can share your thoughts with eGoodMedia based experienced Social Media Marketing experts. We’ve provided for numerous businesses and clients across the West Coast so far!