What is an ideal audience? Can you think of a bikers group to be your ideal audience if you’re offering guitars and pianos as your website products or services? Not at all. Online marketing has different perspectives and your marketing goals primarily depend on your target audience. For a multiple niche website, circumstances could be quite different. But most of the websites out there are related to a single niche. And you have to face a notable competition regarding the same. If you know what your target audience is looking for and consequently make your business decision you make a match marketing strategy right away. If you have an ideal audience the rate of conversion also increases in your website. 

You can draw more conversions out of an ideal audience & traffic on your website. Conversion means your website visitors trust your online offers and want to perform some action or go for a purchase decision. You just need to encourage them for a purchase decision accordingly. Customer match marketing works exceptionally in this case. It devotes more focus on ideal visitors than their purchase decision. If your website visitors are ideal you don’t need to think about the conversion rates much. 

In this post, we‘re going to specify how you can conduct customer match marketing for your Facebook profile so as to trigger the right customers for your online business. For better insight we’ve distributed this post into the following subtopics: 

  • Meaning & Classification of Customer Match Marketing
  • How Customer Match Marketing Differs from Traditional Facebook Ads?
  • Advantages of Custom Audiences for Your Business
  • How to Conduct Customer Match Marketing for Your Facebook Profile?
  • Closing Thoughts on Customer Match Marketing

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Meaning & Classification of Customer Match Marketing

Why not start with an initial understanding of Customer Match Marketing? If you get to know the basics you can further move to other essential segments of this study. As the name suggests the concept is about knowing your target customers and approaching them to do business with your company. There are numerous social media communities present on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These communities further comprise administrators and followers who share mutual interests and get into likewise discussions and interactions often.


These communities are just a result of Customer Match Marketing efforts of varied social media marketers who aspire to create an ambiance for a social media gathering that encourages your Facebook followers or website visitors to retain in your business. The longer they stay, the stronger your mutual relationship becomes. Customer Match Marketing could be of different types based on your business requirements as mentioned below: 

1. Audiences From Customer Lists

Sometimes you already have a list of customers who have shared their information and details with you. The information usually consists of their email address, their contact or their address. They approach you through your website form pages or likewise amenities and sometimes share their concern to get a custom call from your side in which you try to solve their problems. If you have a list of such customers or users you can use it to conduct a fresh Customer Match Marketing campaign via your Facebook Page. This sort of Customer Match Marketing is very effective as you know your top consumer groups very well and don’t face any problem reaching out to them and share your promotional plan. 

2. Website Visitors

Your website visitors can also be a great source of your next Customer Match Marketing campaign. In fact, you can find certain website visitors who are interested in sharing your content on their social media profiles further. You can approach such users to raise your Facebook match marketing plan right away. Your match marketing plan is going to be accompanied by so many website visitors out there. Website visitors are always greater in numbers than a customer list inspired by your contact forms. Likewise, your Customer Match Marketing community is also going to be huge for better social media performance. 

3. Custom Audience from Apps

It is widely recognized that if you have a mobile application for your online business, there are more chances of customer actions that lead them to your online offers. So, there you can grab your chance of targeting more and more people for your Match Marketing Campaign. The mobile users on your website are your top sources of match-making in this context and for that, you have to work on the accessibility measures of your website UX more efficiently. The more accessible your mobile application is going to be, the more users you can target to take corresponding actions on your website. 

Furthermore, you can select your audience from some instant experiences right away. You can also figure out some online events that represent the potential customer groups you are targeting to establish a match marketing goal for your business. eGoodMedia is also ready to assist you on your emerging Social Media Marketing & Search Marketing issues and our groundbreaking team of skilled digital marketers is also there to help you out with your concern!

How Customer Match Marketing Differs from Traditional Facebook Ads?

Customer Match Marketing is not the only way of targeting your customers regarding your online products & services. You can directly approach your Facebook consumers and communities through your Facebook ads. Though it is not mandatory that a huge customer group is going to click your Facebook ads frequently, it is still a fine strategy through which you can approach some new customers for your business growth. In this segment, we’re going to address how a Customer Match Marketing strategy differs from a traditional Facebook ads strategy and what you truly need to adapt to cater to your online marketing goals accordingly. Let’s get started: 

1. Traditional Facebook Advertising

Traditional Facebook Advertising could be divided into two main categories- Paid Ads & Facebook Posts. Both relate to an inbound marketing strategy where the users decide whether to approach or take an action on what you have posted via your Facebook profile or not. You don’t have to go to your customers one by one and request them to take a look at your new offers. That’s the power of a social media marketing platform. But, it doesn’t ensure a great marketing outcome every time against your offer. Moreover, you target a particular audience with your Facebook ads so you first need to build your network. You can face challenges going with a paid ad campaign if you’re not ready to conduct one.  

2. Customer Match Marketing

Customer Match Marketing is primarily related to an outbound sort of marketing strategy. You have to approach your target customers and tell them about your emerging offers. However, these customers are generally the ones already associated with your online business. Basically, you need to conduct research to find out the prospective customers already associated with your online business via some means. Usually, your website is involved in the procedure. Your website provides multiple sources where you can find your ideal customers for a Match Marketing campaign. You can make a list of your potential customers likewise and reach out to them to share your plan. 

Now, you decide what would work best for your social media marketing campaign. You can take further advice regarding any complications with your Facebook marketing process at eGoodMedia. Our Award-Winning Online Marketing & Social Media Optimization Company is there to serve your business vision & mission. Looking forward to your call!

Advantages of Custom Audiences for Your Business

The approaching step is to review the leading benefits your online business can draw from a Customer Match Marketing approach. Reviewing such benefits you get an idea for your business setup and development plan. Some of these benefits could be important for your business model too. Custom audiences are usually very loyal to a particular brand or product. They just need to be pushed a little for another offer from your online business. You can draw the enlisted advantages for your business growth and development from a Match Marketing Strategy: 

1. Sell Added Products

Customer Match Marketing has different versions over time. You can create multiple strategies associated with multiple products & services that you want to promote over time. You have to understand what’s important for your business growth and come up with corresponding plans again and again. Moreover, your business model also keeps on modifying across time and so is your Customer Match Marketing strategy. You get a chance to promote more and more products as they are introduced into your product gallery. 

Your website products are your weapon and you can impress new customers with the same. But for that, you also have to work on your product development approach. Analyze what your target customers are looking for because the trends keep moving. Based on the existing trend, you can come up with a smart product idea and use the corresponding Customer Match Marketing approach to convey your promotional messages to prospective customers. 

2. Save Your Expenses 

Another important aspect to be considered in this context is your overall expense for the marketing campaign. Fortunately, Match Marketing doesn’t let you spend anything from your pocket and save a lot of money when compared to a Facebook ads approach. What you need to do is to arrange a list of prospective customers from different sources and reach out to them to communicate your emerging business plans. Though it could be a time-consuming process you have to hold your patience and appoint a team for a relative project. Teamwork can bring exceptional results to your marketing project. 

However, the appointment of a new marketing team can also cost you well. You can instead go for online marketing experts and companies if you think you’re not able to give ample time to a social media marketing strategy like that. Your marketing expenses are decided on the basis of your average business turnover. You can either go with paid Facebook Ads strategies if you think you’re good to go with a corresponding marketing plan. 

3. Brand Awareness 

Brand Awareness is done better when you know your consumers better. With a Customer Match Marketing strategy you get to know and remember your customers better. You can build a relationship with your customers for future business objectives too. This will automatically enhance your brand awareness. They remember your company and also recommend your services to their friends and loved ones. Consequently, your brand awareness spreads out more effectively. Brand awareness is very important if you want to reach out to more new and potential customers in the future. Moreover, you need to rank higher on the relative SERPs.

To raise brand awareness you also have to conduct website SEO and rank up your website accordingly. Website SEO operations can be divided into On-Page & Off-Page optimization techniques. You need to work on both. Website SEO also helps you intensify your online reputation so that your existing customers don’t leave you feeling insecure or likewise trying your latest offers, goods & services. 

So, these were some of the benefits your business is going to draw from your social media marketing strategy in this case. You can further approach our groundbreaking Search Engine Optimization & Facebook Marketing services for exceptional outcomes regarding your online marketing goals. At eGoodMedia we strive to offer you the best services for your website promotion plans!

How to Conduct Customer Match Marketing for Your Facebook Profile? 

Ultimately the time comes for the implementation of the plan. The idea of Customer Match Marketing is implied by numerous social media marketers out there. If you’re new into the game, you have to increase your team efforts. Because Customer Match Marketing can be associated with varied customer sources. You have to look into different directions to come up with your team of customers. That’s right, you need to target a group of customers at a time. Either you already have an old group or create a fresh one. There are 3 essential sources of custom audiences that you need to target in this context: 

1. From Customer List

The customer list is already available to you. Or else, you have to create one from various user experience events happening on your website. A customer list will help you exceptionally with understanding your marketing opportunities. However, the prospective customers on your customer list are not supposed to accept your offer every time. So, you’re not expected to behave desperately and push your proposal on them. You have to specify if your customers are truly interested in your offerings or not. You can organize your customer list on the basis of the following parameters- Email Address, Name, Contact Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Age & Country of your prospective customers. 

Follow these steps to get started with your Match Marketing project via your customer list:

  • Go to your “Facebook Ads Manager”
  • Visit the “Audiences” option
  • Then select “Create a Custom Audience”
  • After that, you go to the “Customer List” option
  • Go to the “Add from your own list” option
  • Choose “Original Data Source” from the drop-down 
  • Now you can upload your document with the list of customers you target
  • You can further name your audience & add a corresponding description of the same
  • And you’re good to go!

1. With Website Visitors

If you haven’t maintained a list of your potential customers in the past you can also draw your opportunities from the present. If your website is quite mature it is going to witness website visitors on a regular basis. Visitors come and go and you miss your chance to approach them for your Facebook marketing campaign. Moreover, you can also approach them for other social media marketing campaigns that you plan to run. You can follow the same steps as mentioned in the previous section to conduct your Customer Match Marketing campaign through your website visitors. You simply need to change the “Customer List” option with the “Website” option. And there you go!

2. App Activities

There are many online tools available that you can use to study the user activities on your website’s mobile application. Or you can say the mobile app analytics report. You can use this report to further track your overall website performance too. App users are comparatively higher in numbers as compared to website users. So, here you can target more customers and their corresponding behavior with respect to your marketing strategy. 

Closing Thoughts on Customer Match Marketing

Marketing measures are very essential for your business growth whether online or offline. Customer Match Marketing keeps you a step ahead regarding your Social Media Marketing campaign. If you’re experiencing added challenges associated with your digital marketing efforts in this context you can reach out to our online promotion experts and share your concern in detail. eGoodMedia is glad to assist you anytime with your Social Media Marketing & Maintenance issues. Let us know!