After the outbreak of Covid19, both humans and businesses have come across many unpredictable changes. Most of the big decisions are relying on prediction. Brands have shifted their marketing and advertising budget. 

But one answer that everyone is anticipating –  How social media engagement and user interaction have changed during COVID19? Mainly the brands and companies that depend on social media for communication, sales, and more might be looking for this information. 

There is no doubt that commuting time has been reduced after companies and organizations began to work remotely during the COVID19 pandemic. Because of that every business and brand is expecting changes in social media usage and engagement too. 

People are shifting to online and social media as it is becoming the most reliable tool to spend time and get in touch with other people. Undoubtedly we can say that there is a clear change in social media engagement and user interaction. Not only engagement but the post timing has also been changed.

So, using social media statistics collected from the different resource we will help you to identify how social media engagement, interaction and interest changed during COVID19. You can make use of this information to make changes to your current social media marketing strategy

Whats is the best time to post on social media platforms? 

Along with the change in social media engagement,  posting time has also changed during the COVID19 pandemic. The changes have occurred in recent weeks after people across different countries started spending more time on their homes due to the increase in the effect of CVOID19. Lest check the best time to create a post on different social media platforms to increase user engagement and reach. 

Best Time to Post on Facebook 

Earlier Wednesday was considered as the best time to create a post on social media. In terms of timing, Wednesdays 11 am and 1-2 pm was the best time to increase engagement and reach on Facebook. But after the COVID19 pandemic, Mondays ad Friday also got included in the list. If you are posting between 10 Am and 11 Am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then the research and user engagement can be higher.

According to sprout social 11 Am (every day) is the best and high time to grab user attention than the rest of the day and time (If you are looking to post daily on Facebook). Earlier weekends 5 PM was gaining social media user attention but in COVID19 most of the people become busy at 5 PM with their work (family, pending work, and more).

Best Time to Post on Instagram 

Remember Facebook and Instagram has deep connections when it comes to user physiology. so the timing of Instagram doesn’t differ. Earlier Wednesdays 11 am and Friday between 10 am and 11 am was considered as the best time to post on Instagram.

But the recent week’s statistic from sprout social states that the best time to post on Instagram is on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11 Am.  Tuesday 2 PM has also shown user engagement so you can consider that as well.  

Previously most of the marketers used to recommend creating an Instagram post either in the morning or in the evening. But the recent stats show that very few users show interest in accessing Instagram after 6 pm. You can post your infographics on Sunday between 9 Am to 5 Pm as it attracts more user attention. 

Best Time to Post on Twitter 

Compared to Facebook and Instagram, twitter access time and usage haven’t changed much after the COVID19 pandemic. There is no doubt Twitter is the most convenient source that allows users to get news, update, and useful information. So the timing of Twitter hasn’t changed much earlier it was Wednesday and Friday at 9 Am. Now the day hasn’t changed like Facebook and Instagram but the recent stats from sprout social states that Friday between 7 am and 9 am users are active, mainly at 9 am. (source: sprout social)

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn 

Most of us know that Linkedin is a professional-oriented platform so its very obvious to expect no-changes in the timing of the usage. But same as twitter the posting timing did little changed or we can say increased. Earlier Wednesday between 8-10 am and afternoon, Thursday 9 am and 1-2 pm and Friday 9 am was considers the best time for creating a post on Linkedin.

However recent statistic shows that Wednesday 3 pm, Thursday 9-10 am and Friday 11 am-noon is the best time to post on Linkedin. Earlier the weekday activity on Linkedin used to start at 7 am but as people are shifting to remote-based work the timing has shifted to 8 am. Sames goes on the wrapping up timing it extended by 1 hour i.e before it used to be 3 PM now its 4 PM.

How COVID19 changed brand behavior in terms of social media posting?

If we talk about a post per day for different industries,  then it reminds the same during the COVID19 pandemic. Only for few industries post per day percentage dropped after COVID19. 

There are Industries like entertainment, media, and healthcare increased their posting volume to boost engagement. During the COVID19 pandemic, every person wants to keep themselves updated that’s why engagement and posting of media increased. Not only that but Users are interacting with healthcare and entertainment-related posts while social distancing protocol in imposed across different countries.

But few industries like travel and sports reduced their posting frequency. Because they are the ones affected badly by the COVID19 pandemic. Travel related posts used to be all about encouraging the user to travel to different destinations or introducing new packing. But due to the travel ban, they don’t find any meaning in posting those content. The same goes for sports as people are not allowed to go inside the stadium and due to the social distancing sports industry is also hit badly by the COVID19 pandemic.

In terms of outgoing posts on different social media platforms, most of the platforms saw a decline in the post form different industries. Facebook and Instagram outgoing post reduced by an average of 1.8 posts and 1.9post/day. However, Twitter posts reduced by 2.3post/day.  

How users are engaging with brands in COVID-19? 

By now you might be having a clear idea about how social media posting time changed or little fluctuated during the COVID19 pandemic. Engagement depends on what type of content you are position and how it relates to the user. Most of the travel-related post is not engaging during COVID19 because the user knows they are not going to travel so it doesn’t interest them. Sometimes your posting volume also plays a crucial role in engaging users.

Industries like entertainment, media, and health care are getting more engagement compared to travel and sports due to its demand and using the internet. But incoming messages have dropped across all the industries. No to very few industries are getting incoming messages on social media platforms during COVID19. 

  • Facebook Comment and PM decreased by 5.6 to 2.1 per day. 
  • Twitter comments and Retweets decreased by 16 to 20.8 per day. 

Whereas Instagram messages were increased by 6.4 comments per day. All these data might have given you a clear picture of how user engagement behaviors can changes. That’s why it is said to update your social media strategy with the changes in user behavior. Until the pandemic is over you have to be very cautious while creating your social media strategy.

For the travel industry and others that are affected badly by COVID19, we will recommend keeping your audience and followers engaging by posting some useful news related to COIVD 19 and other news that can help users during this pandemic.  Many of you might be doing it so keep on doing until we come out of COVID19.

Final Thoughts: 

The above statistic and information may change with changes in audience behavior. Analyzing small aspects of the user during this pandemic can give you in-depth detail on how you can create your social media strategy. 

Even after the pandemic is over we cant expect the user to return to the normal post-interaction as it will continue to change and develop. To make your social media marketing effective analyze the data check what your customers want and depending on that make changes to your strategy. 

If you need any help with the then you can also reach out to us. Our social media experts will surely assist you to craft an impactful social media marketing strategy to help you grow during the COVID19 pandemic.