Do you have a marketing strategy for your online business model? If not you’re probably wasting your time & efforts creating a website. When you decide to come up with a website, you aim to represent your goods & services. Even getting started with a personal blog requires you to offer a service based on knowledge & information. Moreover, you can display certain ads on corresponding websites for earning your share of time, efforts & investment. But do you think this is possible without a potential marketing strategy? Not at all!

The existing era of internet surfing & advanced devices has essentially increased the number of internet users around the world. Consequently, the reasons for you to focus on your marketing strategies have also broadened. Marketing is a blend of various procedures involved in transporting the final product from the place of manufacturing to the ultimate consumers & users. The same principle applies to services that you aim to offer.

Now let’s come back to the internet. You need to entail likewise marketing strategies to retain your position in the search engine results. Organic search is still a potential source of website traffic through which you can promote your online products & services. But how to influence organic search that targets your web page results? There are multiple techniques. Social data is one of them. In this post, we’re going to decode the importance of Social Data which may enhance organic traffic & consequently improve your marketing strategy.

Here’s what we’ve covered in the topic for better insight:

  • What do we mean by social data?
  • What are the foremost constituents of social data?
  • How can social data help you enhance your marketing strategy?
  • Closing thoughts on social media data

The reason for posting this article is to raise awareness regarding social media trends & norms. Social media is the only platform where you could evaluate the existing consumer behavior & determine your marketing strategies accordingly. To get a detailed insight into the social media customs you need to follow, you can approach eGoodMedia’s digital marketing experts. Our Groundbreaking Social Media Monitoring & Search Marketing Services are focused on innovative marketing outcomes that make your business ideas shine on the internet!

What do we mean by social data?

Social data is the information shared across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People use to talk about various Products, Services, TV shows, Movies, Sports, History, Economy & other aspects associated with the world. Your business vision is also going to be a part of this ecosystem. Therefore, social data can help you understand the market trends & consumer behavior regarding specified goods & services. And that’s where your journey to the top marketing strategies starts. Consequently, collecting social data is an important aspect to need to work on. 

To collect the social media data that works for your business model you need to make sure that you’ve got accounts on varied social media platforms. You can create social media pages related to your company & share them with your friends & folks for initial trials. Moreover, you can see the competitors’ social media pages & posts.  The best sources of data collection we can think of are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat etc

Remember you don’t need to push a private conversation focused on user preferences regarding a specific good or service. However, you can run an autonomous & open source social media survey to let the users freely participate & exhibit their choices & buying preferences. Moreover, you need to analyze the market trends & compare them to your offerings. It will help you make essential decisions regarding your online marketing strategy.

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What are the foremost constituents of social data?

So what are the founding elements that together form social media data for analysis? Social data can be distributed into varied categories as the social media platforms consist of different rooms for private & social conversations. Social data analytics is based on 4 essential aspects namely- In-Depth Analysis, Network Analysis, Time Restrain, Influence. All these factors inspire us to conduct our data analysis over different channels of social interactions as follows:


Social media shares often depict the utility & importance of your posts & content. And they also attract other users to like your business page & post on it. Social media shares enhance the popularity of your posts & in this way you can grab adequate user attention for your top goods & services & your website’s potential informative segments. Social media shares can also work well for your advertisements & social media commercials. This way you can evaluate the performance of your social media ads.  

2. Mentions

Social Media Mentions could be of different types & categories. You might have seen hashtags in the social media posts that link back to varied pages & business entities. If you’ve established a product, service, or concept in the form of a social media page or a separate account you can enjoy such mentions of yours on different sources of a social media platform. Brand mentions are one of the most popular mentions that represent social data that’s really important for your marketing strategy. 

3. Impressions

Impressions depict the number of times your social media ads are displayed on the website for a specified period of time. Social media ads create a different impact on your digital marketing strategy and are a paid & outbound form of online promotion. However, it could be very dominant for your marketing efforts. It will show you how your leading products or services are performing on the sales ground. Hence social media impressions can get you fine data for your further business operations. 

4. URLs 

URLs are just another form of mention that directly leads your target users to your website pages. URLs simply address your target web pages that you want your visitors to visit & make a decision out of buying, skipping, or adding to the cart. We’re talking about eCommerce marketing here. URLs basically depict a product or service description that can educate the user about your offering. URL Click is social data that also tells you about the performance of your website page. You can analyze if a particular web on your website is potential enough to draw social attention that’s quite considerable.


Likes & dislikes can suggest to you whether you’re good to go with a social media marketing campaign in the future or not. Let’s say you’ve got a smartphone brand on your eCommerce website. You decided to create a social media post (text, video, or podcast) consisting of the leading features & price of that product. You can simply go through the ratio of likes & dislikes to further decide on posting for the same product. Don’t come to a conclusion as far as you’ve got less than 100 likes or dislikes for the product. You have to predict what’s going to be the future of the product or service you’re offering. 

6. New Likes & Followers

We’re not talking about the social media post you’ve created along with your product idea. We’re talking about the likes on your social media page or relative followers of your product or service. The rising or declining number of followers can be informative data to consider in this context. You can easily evaluate whether your product or service description is doing good as per the social media trends & user preferences or not. Talking about information, you need to offer the best out there through your social media posts. The more it gets shared across various other platforms, the more social media gathering it is able to draw. If not, that simply means you have to change your marketing strategy & product offering. 


Comments can also be considered as a fine source of social data. The comment section of a social media platform is often filled with favorable, unfavorable perspectives associated with whatever resides in the post. Therefore, it is a great source of social data we can use to make changes in our marketing strategies. Comment can also suggest the pitfalls in your target product or website page carrying information about something. 

8. Keyword research

Another way social data helps to enhance your marketing efforts is by suggesting your keyword selection outcomes. If you’re using the keywords higher in monthly volume for search in your Facebook & Instagram posts, you’re good to proceed further. Contrarily, if you’re using the wrong keywords your social data is enough to let you know that you’re falling behind. 

As such, we can define the foundation stones of social data that’s vital for your digital marketing decisions. Based on the above-mentioned parameters you can track the contemporary user preferences & taste. 

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How social data help to reinforce your marketing strategy?

Except for various social data constituents we’ve discussed in the previous section, there are other grounds of reasons responsible for the importance of social data. It essentially improves the way you’re planning for your online promotion. The reason is social media is the biggest podium where your target audience gathers around. You easily get to know where the market heads & the consumer behavior & trends. Here are the facts that suggest the importance of social data with respect to your marketing strategy: 

1. Social media trigger competitors

The business rivals you’ve got are your strength as well as weakness. Strength in the sense that they give you an opportunity to grow your marketing strategies & techniques. Weakness because they aren’t going to let you rest for a specified period of time. However, you’ve got a team to look over what your competitors are up to. Moving ahead to social media marketing, the platforms give you an opportunity to analyze the marketing trends your competitors are following. Because all users come together to share their regular routine out there, there’s no scarcity of competitors who offer the same products & services as you do. 

Social channels can help you maintain your brand health as these are a great source of information, users queries, thoughts & answers together. This way you can track the performance of your competitors & the way they’re solving the leading user issues. There are 3 benefits of analyzing brand health on social:

  • You get to know the consumer perception of your product
  • You can figure out the user feeling about your brand
  • Your brand’s connection with a cultural or industrial conversation

Online tools like SEMrush, Phalanx, Ahrefs, etc can help you figure out the social media performance report of your competitors & this way you can maintain your brand health on social media for the long term!

2. Betterment of content strategy

Better content means better insight into your brand value. Information is the core of online marketing & you know how conscious the users have got after the introduction of smartphones regarding their online shopping choices. Social media gives you a clear indication of what you need to offer to the emerging consumer groups for better marketing. Better content can improve social recognition for your brand in the following ways:

  • Content provides information about a product or service
  • Content let the users know your best offers & discount schemes
  • You can offer a variety of alternatives to the users before they come to a decision
  • A social content may lead to comments & user concerns & doubts
  • A social content may lead to review & personal opinions that are quite essential social data elements
  • Posting content on social may help you improve your content strategy for future
  • Better content let you spread awareness about an upcoming innovative product or service

The target consumer groups on social also encourage you to differentiate between various content structures you can go for & decide on. Social media posts differ from the rest of your content website content strategy. Moreover, the difference between various social media UIs & content layouts makes it vital for you to decide consciously on your strategies.

3. Facility for data customization

Social data is very easy to customize. But what is the need for such customization? Do you really need to customize one? The data could be present in an unorganized form. Additionally, a social website consists of different sources of data analysis that you have to track down. You have to squeeze out all the essentials that are going to affect your marketing strategy. You’ve got some specialized business goals to accomplish through your understanding of the social data available. 

That’s why online developers come up with varied social data optimization tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Zoho Social, Buffer Analyze, etc so that you could figure out the data which is most favorable to your web marketing goals. However, it can be time-consuming for you to get through all these social media marketing procedures. 

We suggest you appoint a social marketing team or consult eGoodMedia for better maintenance & up-gradation of your social identity. We’re an experienced team of Social Media Experts & Search Marketers based in Vancouver. We know whatever it takes to grow & maintain your online reputation & social recognition so you can reach out to us in case having a corresponding concern!

4. Share ideas with your team & stakeholders

Social data help you collaborate with your team & clients on a substantial marketing strategy that runs on facts & figures & logical solutions. If you’ve gotta client to serve incredible social media marketing service you can win his trust over other aspects of digital marketing. The social data assets can help you avoid complications associated with SEO, Search Engine Marketing, & Email Marketing Campaigns that you’re going to proceed with in the future. 

This will eventually lead to better workflow & task organization & eventually improve the organizational relations within the company. Remember the social data customization techniques we’ve discussed in the previous point? It doesn’t let you fail to explain your marketing vision to your stakeholders & team inspired by the social data collected. 

5. Keeps you updated on conversion trends

Last but not least, social data encourages you to stay updated on the conversion trends & the various factors affecting the same. Conversion trends are the ever-changing tips & techniques that allure users to make a positive decision about your products & services. You have to make them like your product one day, or else you’re out of the market. The presentation of your product plays an important role here. And, your presentation style is not going to last longer for years. The same principle applies to other factors leading to social media trends. 

Closing thoughts on social data

As such, we can make use of the social data available to us to adorn our entire digital marketing goals. Social media is the modern representation of consumer behavior & user preferences that is exceptionally important for your promotional plans. You can reach out to eGoodMedia & learn more about the emerging social media marketing opportunities around you. Our innovative Website SEO & Social Media Marketing Services welcome you to share your precious business vision & let us do the promotion that essentially works for your online presence!