Are you planning to set up a website for your local business? Then creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile is the foremost online marketing strategy you need to follow. Digital marketing is majorly aimed toward a considerable search engine presence of your website. The marketers want to rank exceptionally on the SERPs and for that, they need to execute different types of SEO strategies. The different types of SEO strategies represent different types of businesses here. For small and local businesses, generating a good GMB profile can be a powerful decision for promoting your company online. 

Your GMB profile will be visible on the top of the SERP on the right side and trigger more user attention than usual. The profile also displays the direction to your company office if any to let the clients, customers, and employees find you easily in case they want to reach out physically. There are many other Local SEO attributes available on your GMB profile that you can add, review, change or modify in the long run. Your business model is going to take different shapes depending on the upcoming market trends. 

In this post, we’ve addressed different attributes of a Google My Business profile that you need to create for your local business. Moreover, you’ll also learn how you can create such a local business profile to promote your business effectively on the search engine results. To make your learning experience better, we’ve generated the following subparts of the article:

  • What is a Google My Business Profile?
  • What are the Basic Constituents of a Google My Business Profile?
  • How to Create a Google My Business Profile? 
  • What Are the Different Types of GMB Attributes to Follow?
  • Wrapping Up on GMB Attributes

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What is a Google My Business Profile? 

A Google My Business profile can be considered a contribution to your Off-Page SEO campaign because it is an incredible source of external link building for your website. Basically, this profile is created to promote local SEO for online businesses. There are ample local businesses around the world that need to grow their internet presence so that more innovative business ideas could be exchanged globally. This can lead to the collective welfare of the different consumer groups around the world. Your business idea could become a reason for the welfare of an underdeveloped part of the world. 

Moreover, you can reach out to new markets and consumer opportunities and grow your online presence consequently. To create a GMB profile as such, you must review your business priorities first. It is not mandatory that you need to have a local business to generate a likewise profile. However, local businesses can grow exceptionally well using such digital marketing techniques comparatively. 

The Google My Business Attributes differ in the case of different types of websites. The attributes for a famous restaurant website would differ from the attributes for a science-based website. By creating a fine GMB profile you can get the following advantages for your marketing campaign:

  • Enhanced customer attention to your business
  • Better search engine ranking of your web pages
  • Improved online reputation
  • Customer trust and reliability for your brand
  • Encouraged organic traffic and conversion on your website
  • Better competitive prospective
  • Right consumer opinions and reviews

However, the application of the right attributes is also essential for your business to promote exceptionally on the SERPs through this profile. If you want to know what more online marketing tips and tricks could benefit your company’s growth on search engine results, you can reach out to eGoodMedia. We’re a famous SEO & Digital Marketing Company in Vancouver and we aim for helping different website owners improve their popularity and recognition over the search engines!

What Are the Basic Constituents of a Google My Business Profile?

Besides the business-specific attributes and personalized characteristics, there are different Google My Business profile components that you will come to know about while creating one for your business. These components are available for every company that uses such a profile. These are just elements of information and you have to provide the right and honest information about your business and shouldn’t mislead the visitors anyway. A local company with a GMB profile represents a symbol of trust and the users don’t have to roam around multiple web pages to get the basic insight into your business. 

In this segment, we’ll talk about those different basic constituents that together contribute to your Google My Business profile creation. Let’s find out: 

1. Link to the Website

The foremost characteristic of this profile is that you can generate another source of external links for your website homepage. You can place a link to your website from your GMB profile right away. By providing a link to your website, you’re definitely going to raise notable organic traffic and user attention for your landing page. You have to make your landing page quite impactful in this case. Moreover, you can increase the page rank for the landing page you have linked out there. 

2. Directions

The second important component is your workplace directions. Google map helps your customers and service seekers reach out to your physical place from where you run your business operations. There are usually 3 types of business models to represent accordingly- Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, or Joint Stock Company. You can represent Google directions associated with any of these 3 business models. However, if you’re running a personal blog without any integration with an eStore, you’re not supposed to go for a Local SEO profile as such. 

3. Contact Details

For contact details, you can add your phone number, mobile number, email address, or any other medium of communication that the customers could use to directly talk to your experts. They can contact you while searching for your physical location for the first time so you must provide genuine and 24×7 available contact details if you’re available to provide corresponding advice. If you’re not available to create a considerable Google My Business profile for your company as such, you can consult a result-oriented SEO Company in your locality. 

4. Business Address 

The approaching component is about your physical address in a properly written form. The users often recognize the locality where your company is situated but don’t figure out the exact location. A proper address can also be found perfectly on the Google map or else the map could sometimes misguide the customers from reaching out to your place. 

5. Ask a Question 

User participation is very essential for knowing your business thoroughly and the basic Google My Business Attributes effectively does that for you. You can use the feature “Ask a Question” to help the website visitors clear their doubts and queries even before visiting your landing page. When they get clear answers ahead of time, they’re most likely going to have a fine experience using your website further. 

6. Active Hours

One more essential factor to consider here is your business working hours. A physical visit of your clients or customers depends on what time you’ve got to schedule a healthy meeting. They love to have a personal meeting if scheduled at an ideal time. For distance calls and communication, you can organize a 24×7 schedule but a physical meeting usually requires a day timing that you can easily afford to offer your customers. 

7. Ratings and Reviews

You can’t forget the rating and reviews of your clients and employees to showcase in your GMB profile. It can either encourage or discourage new users and visitors from visiting your website. However, if you’ve proved your online services to be the best in class earlier, you can expect the best business reviews for your profile out there. We suggest you hire an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company in case you’re unable to generate positive reviews for your Google My Business profile. 

8. Social Media Handles

Social media handles help the users explore your company more comprehensively. Your social media profile can let them stay updated to your business offers, your products, and services for quite a long time. Therefore, most of the users want to connect to your business ideas through their social media profiles. They also figure out if you’ve created a group to share likewise information and discussion on a topic of common interest. 

9. Company Logo

A company logo is crucial for generating a memory regarding your business identity on the internet that allows the users to remember you for a long time. They can quickly recognize your advertisements, your posts, and your content while roaming around the search engines and other websites. Hence, they come back to your website and review your new business offers. 

As such you’ve got multiple opportunities to raise user participation and actions regarding your website by simply applying to a Google My Business profile for your business. You can connect with eGoodMedia for dedicated support and assistance associated with your online marketing project. Our skilled SEO and Social Media Marketing Company can help raise your website’s worth over the search engine results!

How to Create a Google My Business Profile? 

Moving ahead you must learn how to generate a fine Google My Business profile to represent your business information in the most elementary form. Moreover, you should know how to maintain and modify the profile from time to time. It represents the basic information about your online business that needs to be updated occasionally so that the customers don’t lose interest in your business. You can follow the enlisted steps to get started with your business account as such:

  • Login or Signup to Google My Business 
  • If you’re signing up, go for your business email domain 
  • Fill up your business or chain name
  • Now you have to enter your chain’s address and go to “Next”
  • After that, you can mark the location of the chain on the map
  • You can also represent a service area in case don’t have a physical address
  • Now choose a business category and then click “Next” 
  • After that, you need to provide a genuine business phone number 
  • You can also provide your website URL if any associated with your business
  • If you’ve got multiple locations to showcase regarding your business you must provide separate phone numbers and contact details 
  • Before running verification further, you must preview all the information you have filled up
  • Click the “Verify Now” button given on the top 
  • You can also “Verify Later” if you’re not ready to go for the process

As such you can create a primary Google My Business account to represent your company and can also make changes to the same in the future to cope up with your existing business circumstances. Moreover, you can also approach eGoodMedia and let our digital marketing experts figure out if your existing website promotion strategy is up to the mark or not. We’re a trusted SEO Company in Vancouver providing for different SEO projects around the West Coast!

What are the Different Types of Attributes to Follow? 

The Google My Business Attributes are the additional characteristics that differentiate your profile from your competitors and let the users customize their preferences of information regarding your business offers, products, services, and profile functionality. There are mainly two types of attributes that you can create for your audience to make their choices more personalized. Let’s check them out together: 

1. Factual Attributes

Factual attributes are primarily associated with your business components and the users can’t do anything with these attributes but simply follow them. These attributes are simply what your business consists of. The website owner has no choices for such attributes and the users have no control over them. You can make changes to these GMB attributes on behalf of your business and the users have to follow and use what you have changed. For example, your contact details simply belong to your company, and the customers are not authorized to demand another number they like to dial amid getting connected. 

2. Subjective Attributes

Subjective attributes on the other hand are not in control of the website owner to add or make changes to. These attributes are sourced by Google on behalf of contemporary customer tastes and preferences. Your business is not going to regulate such attributes. It represents the popularity of a business based on a particular subject like- “the best amusement parks for kids in the US”. There would further be various other sub-attributes associated with the best amusement park the users select. 

To understand these attributes thoroughly, you can go through the following examples of different GMB attributes the users can enjoy selecting while exploring through the Local SEO results against their searches and queries. Take a look: 


The customers can choose across various options of services before booking a restaurant meal. These attributes can vary from their sitting goals to their choice of location at times. Even if you don’t provide all the amenities the users like to make their choice quite detailed. But you don’t need to worry about the attributes as such because Google will show only those attributes that are available at your restaurant. These are some of the famous attributes in this context: 

  • Delivery
  • Drive-through
  • No contact delivery
  • Outdoor Sitting
  • Takeout etc


This sort of an attribute is also subjective and provides different payment options the customers can choose to go with at the time of purchase. This sort of Google My Business attribute simply triggers your online website’s conversions and lead generation rate. The payment attributes usually consist: 

  • Cash only
  • Debits cards
  • Checks 
  • Credit cards 
  • Online payment etc

Health & Safety

Google has introduced this recent subjective attribute to ensure the safety of the consumers who plan to visit an outside location these days to stay, shop or get some service by physically visiting a place. The attributes are subject to the Covid 19 outbreak all over the world. Enlisted are the main attributes the customers come to know about in this case: 

  • Mask required
  • If the staff wears mask or not
  • Availability of temperature check
  • Prior reservation required
  • The staff gets temperature checks etc


Apart from these, you can also find varieties of attributes for business-based websites, accessibility and permissions, hospitality (amenities and services), and a lot more to consider as a part of your local SEO business profile presentation.

Wrapping Up on GMB Attributes

As such you can optimize your Google My Business profile for added customer preferences and engagement so that you could generate more leads and conversions for your online business. SEO is an indivisible part of digital marketing and you must learn every aspect of it to raise your website presence on the leading SERPs. Visit eGoodMedia and get the best assistance and support for your SEO project. We’re a leading SEO Company in Vancouver. Let’s talk!!