Social media messaging is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Have you posted before on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram regarding your business offering, products, or services? Have you conducted a social media marketing campaign for your business? A social media marketing campaign can’t be imagined without a social media post. Even general users also post something about their lifestyle and living routine on social media websites frequently. If you’ve got a social media page or profile associated with your business you have to generate user interactions from time to time addressing your new products & services. 

If you’re running an informative blog or website too, you need to share that information through the way of your Facebook posts. User interactions are not merely associated with a purchase plan. They also visit your posts and messages to learn something new. Hence, creating Facebook or similar posts is essential for your business. For added insight, we’re going to discuss the Facebook Dark Post in this article. We’ll together figure out the meaning, importance & implementation of the Facebook Dark Post for successful results of your digital marketing efforts. 

Social media posts can be distributed into varied categories. As there are different social media platforms out there to serve your digital marketing goals, variations can also be witnessed in the style of social media messages that the users and companies post on the platforms. Considering the Facebook Dark Post we have distributed this article into certain subsections so that you don’t experience any complications understanding the core essence of the subject:

  • What is Facebook Dark Post?
  • Classification of Facebook Dark Post?
  • What’s the Importance of Using Facebook Dark Post?
  • How to Create a Dark Post for Your Facebook Profile?
  • Conclusion of the Study

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What is Facebook Dark Post?

The Facebook Dark Post is something that’s not associated with your fan page or Facebook profile and can’t be seen on your news feeds accordingly. But, you can still influence numerous social media users and audiences to approach your web pages and visit your existing business offers that you have represented through the way of your Facebook Dark Posts. The content on your Facebook Dark Post could be in the form of various Photos, Videos, Promotional Offers & Texts, etc for better access and understanding. Moreover, you can also add links to your website pages that are important for your product or service promotion.

If you have a cornerstone web page, you can trigger the same and intensify your page rank related to the same. Improving page rank can attract many others to come to your website looking for a solution to a common issue. Hence, website SEO is also important besides your social media marketing efforts. Website SEO helps you figure out varied user queries associated with a common topic. You need to conduct keyword research and you’re good to go. Make a collection of the keywords and create your Facebook posts accordingly. 

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Classification of Facebook Dark Post

A dark post can further be divided into different categories. Facebook is a platform of opportunities. There are numerous features and functionalities to be used on Facebook. A dark post is one of them and is further subdivided into different categories. It is an advertisement that doesn’t have anything to do with your fan page. You can post it separately and trigger your target audience from Facebook. However, you have to make sure of the content of the post and how you can post your dark ads or messages on Facebook. You will get a better idea going through the following varieties of Facebook Dark Posts: 

1. Image

Facebook posts are just another content available in varied forms. You have to decide on the type of content you want your messages to be conveyed with. For this, you have to set up your priorities. If you think that your website visitor is going to get impressed by your image posts on social media platforms you can go for the images right away. But that’s where the challenge heads in. You have to make sure of the best resolution of the image as per the social media post you want to establish. Moreover, you have to remember one thing. Your images need not be filled with words more than 20% of the content body. The Facebook advertising standards don’t work in the favour of the same. 

2. Videos

Facebook has recently adopted the video marketing strategy and apart from that, the trend of video posting has also emerged exceptionally over the past few years on Facebook. This trend could also be a reason why social media video posting has become so popular on Facebook. Furthermore, different Facebook communities have also emerged over time that is dedicated to the creation and sharing of video content on different Facebook channels. You have to work on your social media message and create a video that works fine for your online marketing goals. You can go for any of the following locations on your Facebook profile to convey your video message: 

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Instream Video or 
  • Facebook Instant Articles

3.  Carousel

Another notable format in which you can convey your message accordingly is the carousel format. There are 10 images or video cards available in a carousel format that are enough for you to market your products, services, or website on Facebook. These are ideal for multiple dark posts that you want to place on the Facebook ads feeds. Keep the video length within 240 minutes and images to be 20-30 MB in size. Make sure of your content every time as you are going to invest a particular time into your online marketing strategy in this context. 

You can also resize your previous videos and reuse them as your content for the dark post. You have to understand that the content creation part is very important here. Whether you’re writing something or creating an image you have to remember what’s best for your target audience even on Facebook. When they come to know about your business on Facebook, they also visit your website for further information someday. 

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What’s the Importance of Using Facebook Dark Post?

The Facebook Dark Posts can help you improve both your competitive & website potential for better outcomes regarding your marketing efforts. Marketing can be complicated at times as it is a vast field of operations. That’s why we recommend you appoint a digital marketing team or approach expert advice before getting started with your Social Media Marketing project. In this segment we’ll talk about the various aspects of importance that makes Facebook Dark Posts a fine option for your business development goals: 

1. Segmentation of Target Audience

Target audience is found everywhere and you have to keep impressing your target audience over different platforms. After understanding your target audience you have to distribute the same into different segments for running different sorts of marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns differ from audience to audience. Facebook Dark Post is specialized to trigger a specific group of customers or followers on Facebook. In fact, it is usually suggested that you should not target all your social media followers to convey your Facebook Dark Post. There can be wrong consequences of the same. You may call it your unpublished page post too. 

You can segment your audience on the basis of the following factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Customs & Traditions
  • Income
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Niche Requirements
  • Job Title 
  • Educational Background
  • Work Experience & so on

2. A/B Testing Opportunity

Everything is important for your social media marketing campaign. If your existing marketing plan does not work properly for the outcomes you’re expecting, you can go for plan B. You can reach out to other customer groups or target other users through your Dark Post. Moreover, you have to make considerable changes to your ad content. And come up with a substitute for the other content. That’s your Plan B. Further, you can create more posts as your Plan C & Plan D too. A/B testing is usually employed in email marketing campaigns where your text message plays an important role to attract potential customers. Cold emailing campaigns are also very effective in this context. A/B testing helps you figure out the best post you need to create. 

3. Optimize Your Profile

Though dark posts have nothing to do with your Facebook profile or fan page, They can help you intensify your Facebook profile exceptionally. You will plan what you need to post on your Facebook profile separately. This gives you an opportunity to organize your social media marketing campaign and you never get confused over what you need to do with your marketing messaging approach. A systematic approach is very important for a big digital marketing project that you also have to convey to your marketing team for better performance. 

Social media marketing can sometimes require you to hire a team of experts so that you don’t feel exhausted working on its various aspects yourself. When your online business is in its elementary phase you can manage things effectively by yourself, but big businesses always require big team support to run effectively. 

4. Organize Your Content

Just like ordinary posts your Facebook Dark Post needs to be divided into 2 important categories- Paid Content & Organic Content. You have to work on both types of posts from time to time. Paid ads generally consist of elements that encourage the users to take some action or reach out to your website. On the other hand, organic content is primarily associated with the information or solution you’ve got for the user queries. People have numerous queries associated with particular goods, services, and subjects that your business could be a fine solution to. Understand your business model and figure out how it can resolve varied customer problems within your goods and services. 

5. Intensify Your ROI

Facebook Dark Post is also beneficial for your ROI goals. Return on Investment (ROI) needs to be somewhere above the level of what you have invested in your Social Media Marketing campaign. Better ROI encourages you to do more for your business promotion. Your business promotion is very important if you want to trigger new clients, customers & followers to your target goods & services. Hence, we suggest you work on better ROI for your business. Better ROI means better marketing & promotion performance. That means better Dark Posts & corresponding content. Make sure what you put into the dark posts you want to convey to your target audience. 

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How to Create a Dark Post for Your Facebook Profile?

Now, ultimately you need to create a corresponding dark post for your Facebook. It is not something challenging though you need to make sure of your marketing components. You must also know what you want to convey to your audience. For better interaction, you have to create that interest through your posts and content. Your dark post content must be dedicated to a specific audience or consumer groups. So, you need to follow the enlisted steps to get started with your social media marketing campaign in this context:

1. Create Your Business Account

Facebook facilitates separate business accounts for your online marketing objectives and helps you manage both your personal & business accounts very easily. Go to Facebook and register your business or your social media page to run your marketing strategy. Your business account is going to be your business identity and you can also add more administrators to the same for distributed management in the future. 

2. Visit Ads Manager

When you registered successfully on Facebook, the next step is to visit the ad manager where you’re required to create your dark post. Add manager provides you varied features and functionalities through which you can create ads for your business promotion. It’s like a workshop that you can use to stimulate & implement your Facebook Marketing Ideas. 

3. Get to the Ads Post

To create the first post you have to visit the “Ad Post” page. Here you can choose among the options of “Published Posts” & “Scheduled Posts” to further decide on where you want to head. After pressing the “Create Post” button you easily get to the page addressing the “Create Unpublished Page Post” option and that’s exactly what’s supposed to be your destination. 

4. Marketing Objectives

Moving ahead you have to specify your marketing objectives. Regarding that, you have to specify what you need to do with your Brand Awareness. You also have to specify your reach and the traffic on your post and consequently create your content. Your social media content is also supposed to trigger user engagement in a potential manner. Moving ahead, you’re also supposed to manage leads for your website from anything you promote on your social media profile. Your Facebook Dark Post is also capable of delivering you specified leads for your online business. 

5. Ad Placement, Schedule & Budget

As we know the dark post has nothing to do with your Facebook fan page, you have to place your ads anonymously on other platforms. That doesn’t mean you need to leave Facebook, but you have to trigger separate communities associated with what you’ve got to offer. Moreover, you have to decide on scheduling your dark post and setting up a budget if you’re planning for a paid ad. 

Final Words

Furthermore, you have to publish your dark post and figure out the benefits you’ve drawn from your corresponding marketing campaigns. Online marketing is a vast field of operations and you’re not advised to handle everything inappropriately when your business grows out. Let us know if we could help you with your marketing goals and objectives in this case. At eGoodMedia we strive to bring you the finest solutions for your Social Media Monitoring & Search Optimization Project. Let’s have a detailed discussion!!