Facebook is the leading source of social media marketing for your businesses to grow online. It has got huge customer traffic for your online products and services. You can also sell your online products via Facebook ads these days. Therefore, it is a notable platform for conversion too. However, to convert your social media traffic into end customers, you have to come up with considerable Facebook posts. And that’s why you need to boost posts on FB. Facebook posts are free to use and you can easily promote your web pages and online business links using Facebook posts. 

To boost posts on Facebook you must collaborate with an experienced Social Media Marketing Team of Experts and share your business promotion plans right away. Facebook posts are very helpful to update your business offers, new products, and service information to retain your customers to your brand. Hence, frequent Facebook posting is essential for your business relations. Your followers and target customers like to visit your Facebook posts again and again if they build a relationship with your online business. 

Before knowing how to boost a post on Facebook you must specify your Facebook content. Facebook posts are a sort of content that you have to create on behalf of your business website. You can also link back to a particular web page through these posts. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss how you can optimize your posts with the help of the Facebook Boost Post Button and strengthen your social media appearance. Enlisted are the main highlights of this post:

  • What is a Facebook Boosted Post And Why It’s Important?
  • How is Facebook Boosted Post Different From Facebook Ads?
  • Features of Boost Post on FB
  • How to Boost Facebook Posts for Your Social Media Profile?
  • Conclusion on Facebook Boosted Posts

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What is a Facebook Boosted Post And Why It’s Important?


Facebook boosted post is a form of Facebook advertising on an initial level. However, it is not as expensive as the proper Facebook ads and you need to spend a little amount to run a boosted post on FB. The post is somewhat different from the regular posts and consists of unique business offers and product or service descriptions. These are special Facebook posts that you can suggest to unique audiences who are not interested in your organic posts. 

Your social media audience is the way to your online success and you can also improve your business website identity on the internet by approaching your social media audience. Facebook is a social media hub and you can promote your online business in different ways through Facebook. When you boost posts on Facebook you can draw the following advantages for your social media marketing campaign: 

1. You Can Create Advertisements

A Facebook Boosted Post is just another basic advertisement in which you can address a particular product or service you want to market right away. Moreover, creating these posts is extremely easy and time-saving. You can run it on your existing posts by adding certain aspects that encourage conversions and customer participation like- Goals, Settings for Customers, and Call to Action Buttons, etc. In this way, we can say that it is a sort of a basic Facebook ad. 

2. Helps You Reach Unique and Appropriate Audience

The aim to boost Facebook posts is not limited to social media traffic on your business offers. You also have to specify if you could draw some conversions from your social media posts and ads to amplify your online sales. An enhanced Facebook post can help you do so without spending too much. Moreover, you can right away trigger the audience who instantly want to make a buying decision regarding your offer. That’s what we call the right audience for your business. 

3. Associate to Social Media Analytics

Another advantage of using Facebook boosted posts is that you can compare your previous social media marketing performance with the latest one. You have various social media analytics tools to take care of your social media marketing performance from time to time. Even Facebook Analytics, which’s a built-in tool can help you trigger your social media marketing potential regarding the new Facebook Boost Posts you execute. 

However, the Facebook Analytics feature is going to remain active up to 30th June 2021, the latest sources say. Here are the external social media analytics tools you can use to specify your Facebook marketing performance in this context:

  • HubSpot
  • BuzzSumo
  • Sprout Social 
  • Snaplytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Curalate
  • Tap Influence
  • Keyhole etc

4. Get Popular on Instagram As Well

You can link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook profile as well. While boosting posts on Facebook, you can also trigger your Instagram audience and get more traffic and user recognition for your products or services. Instagram is also a very popular social media marketing platform that accounts for huge traffic. Hence, you get an opportunity to raise the social media popularity of your online business by simply improving Facebook posts. 

You can also consult eGoodMedia to analyze your social media marketing potential to meet further online marketing objectives. Our Result Oriented Social Media Marketing Company is ready to support your Facebook marketing and advertising objectives for your business growth!

How is Facebook Boosted Post Different From Facebook Ads?


Though Facebook Boosted Posts are a sort of basic ads, we can’t consider them as Facebook Ads. These are Facebook posts that consist of some written text and corresponding information about your business offers. Apart from offers, you can also create these posts to represent your company culture, work environment, business achievements, and other updates to maintain customer interactions regularly. To boost posts on Facebook you need to differentiate your social media operations from the Facebook Ads. There are some essential factors you can consider in this context: 

1. Objective

Starting with the Facebook boosted post, you can target user engagement with such basic level ads. The ads consist of marketing messages that maintain your social media recognition over time. You can also use the boosted posts to approach leads, website visitors, video views, and calls. On the other hand, Facebook Ads are associated with Brand Awareness, Website Traffic, Store Visits, Conversions, and also App Installation goals as an addition. 

2. Positioning

Whether you’re planning on boosting posts on Facebook or creating Facebook Ads you have to make sure on a particular space in Facebook. Talking about the boosted post, you can go for the Facebook News Feed or Instagram to let your audience know about your offers. You can also use Facebook Messenger to send personalized marketing messages to your special clients and consumer groups. Whereas Facebook Ads can target Mobile News Feeds, Instagram Stories, Instant Articles, and Audience Networks as well. 

3. Ad Creation

To run Facebook Ads on your profile you can simply use the Facebook Ads Manager and save a lot of time creating innovative ads for online products and services. The boosted posts are also very easy to create and you don’t need to go for new posts every time to attract customer’s attention. You can add some elements to your recent and old posts that you think could target new leads for your business offers. You can expand the reach of your existing posts using the boosted post technique. 

You can also get expert marketing advice from an experienced Social Media Marketing Company for your online business to grow on social media platforms and get more user recognition for your products and services. 

4. Target

With a boosted post you can target the personal interests of the customers, their gender, age, demographics, and behavior easily. You have to trigger various consumer traits to analyze the drawbacks in your social marketing strategy, following which you can improve your efforts right away. Apart from boosting posts on Facebook, you can use Facebook Marketing to target lookalike audiences, and conduct advance audience targeting. 

As such, we can differentiate between a Facebook Boosted Post and a Facebook Ad. You can also decide on the formats of both these ads and plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly. Moreover, you can visit eGoodMedia anytime to get detailed insight into various Facebook marketing tips and tricks essential for business success. We’re an experienced Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle looking to assist your online marketing objectives!

Features of Boosted Post On FB


If you’re looking to Boost Post on FB you might be interested to know what additional features you can enjoy serving your target audience through such posts on Facebook. Though a Facebook Boosted Post is not too much different from the ordinary posts it can help you draw more customer attention to your business offers in the following ways: 

1. Call to Action Button (CTAs)

The leading feature that differentiates a Facebook Boosted Post from other posts is the opportunity to raise conversions. When your audience participates in your Facebook posts to grab more information about your business offer, you succeed in converting your social media traffic into leads. It is very important for your online business. Especially when you’re running an eCommerce store along with your business plan. Using a call to action button you can bring more conversions to your website products and services than an ordinary post. 

Consumers usually don’t bother about the links to your product pages but see for a single button that could help them reach out to their favorite products for purchase. Hence, a call to action button can do better than usual Facebook posts for your business. 

2. Track Ad Metrics

Before you boost posts on Facebook you need to specify if you could track your social media marketing performance in the future. The Facebook boosted post helps you figure out your performance as compared to ordinary posts. It allows you to apply any Social Media Marketing Analytics tool to the post. You have to track ad metrics to find out your true social media marketing potential. Moreover, you can also specify the user preferences and interests with respect to your business offer more efficiently. 

3. Standard Facebook Posts

The next feature is about the ease of social media marketing you can experience on a boosted post. You don’t have to create an innovative, fresh and unique Facebook ad to serve your audience. You can simply select your top pre-existing Facebook posts and apply your marketing elements without any issue. You can convert your ordinary Facebook posts to an opportunity for conversions for your business website. You can create standard Facebook posts and add the corresponding functionalities to the same. 

As such you can boost posts on FB creating a potential marketplace for your target products and services. For more information regarding the emerging tips and tricks for better Social Media Marketing for your business, you can consult eGoodMedia. We’re an Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Agency providing groundbreaking digital marketing solutions around the West Coast!

How to Boost Facebook Posts for Your Social Media Profile? 

The approaching step is to learn how to boost Facebook posts for a better social media marketing outcome. The first thing you need to do is to open a Facebook account representing your online business. You can also run a Facebook Page using your personal account but we recommend going for a separate business account for dedicated performance. To boost a post on Facebook you need to follow these steps properly:

1. Visit Your Facebook Page

If you have already created a separate Facebook page for your business you can visit the same for further proceedings. You can also approach a well-known Social Media Marketing Company to learn how to set up a business account on Facebook if you don’t have one yet. However, the steps to create a business profile are very easy on Facebook. You can use your desktop or mobile phone to easily create a business profile. 

2. Go to the Boost Post Button

The boost post button is usually situated below the post you want to optimize. It is colored in blue and you can easily identify it for further usage. Before boosting posts on Facebook you need to make sure which posts are required to be optimized. Therefore, you must set up your priorities ahead of time. Some posts are not required to be boosted. In fact, Facebook boosted posts can charge $1 to implement the relative marketing elements to the post. Hence you need to specify your budget as well. 

3. Decide on Your Goals

Facebook offers you to select your goals and main objectives behind boosting your posts. You have to make sure that the goal essentially provides for your online marketing objectives and your business promotion. Based on the goal you’ve selected, Facebook recommends you the best solutions for boosting the posts. Here are some goal options you can select your favorite one from:

  • Get More Messages
  • Get More Leads
  • Get More Engagement
  • More Website Visitors etc

4. Name of CTA

The approaching step is to specify what name you want to address your call to action button. You can add any of the following options- Call Now, Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, Send Message, etc. It depends on your post what post-boosting technique you like to go with. Moreover, you should also figure out the contemporary trends on boosting posts on Facebook to meet the customer tastes and preferences for better social marketing results. 

5. Select the Audience

Next, you need to make sure of the audience you want to target through your social media posts. Some audiences are not interested in purchasing a product but simply looking for the right information about the same. If you’re a ladies bags business you’re not supposed to create posts on the men’s bags. You have already built an audience for your online business. Even if you boost such a post, you’re not going to target any traffic on your social media post.

6. Choose Your Duration & Placement

One more advantage of executing a Facebook boosted post is that it requires a particular duration to stay active on your social media profile. You can set any duration as per your convenience. But there’s a disadvantage too. You have to pay $1 per day to retain your Facebook post on your page. Hence, you better plan your schedule carefully. For placement, you can choose Facebook News Feed, Messenger, or Instagram.

7. Check Your Performance

At last, you can review your performance for Boosted Post on FB. On the basis of performance, you can specify if you’re good to go with the marketing strategy in the future or not. The result should reflect better user engagement and lead generation for your online products and services. You can check the performance using any of the Social Media Analytics Tools mentioned above. 

Conclusion on Facebook Boosted Posts

The number of Facebook users is increasing every year with the rise in mobile phone accessibility around the world. That’s an opportunity for you to enhance your social media appearance and marketing goals. You can visit eGoodMedia to explore many other online marketing topics that could help you grow your online business exceptionally. We’re an experienced Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver delivering innovative digital marketing solutions to various businesses around the globe. Let’s talk!!