Do you have an email marketing account for your business promotion? Have you employed an email marketing strategy before? What do you plan before reaching out to your target subscribers via emails? If you’re not getting the desired outcome of your email marketing campaign, there are different solutions awaiting you regarding your problem. However, you have to first specify why your email marketing campaign is failing. People check their emails every morning essentially and expect you to send them a message that doesn’t spoil their mood for the day. 

People usually ignore marketing & promotional messages but you need to make them trust in your business offer and create a message that could shoot a powerful first impression. They would at least open your email and check what you’ve got to offer. To convert them into corresponding leads you have to make sure on the message body and add some innovation and appeal to the same. You have to think about your online marketing plan ahead of time.

We’ve covered a fine email marketing topic in this post and want you to learn how you can create considerable email landing pages for your marketing campaign. These landing pages can help you trigger more conversions followed by more traffic on your email messages especially the one that is in bulk. You’ll get to attract more people to your website too. Enlisted are the main elements of the post in this context:

  • What is an email landing page?
  • What are the constituents of an email landing page?
  • How to create an email marketing landing page?
  • 7 tips to enhance your email conversions
  • Closing thought on the email landing page

Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate leads for your emerging products and services. But you have to become an expert in running the corresponding marketing campaign for your business growth. If you’re experiencing notable challenges getting started with a similar marketing strategy, you can consult top Email Marketing & Social Media Monitoring experts at eGoodMedia. Our groundbreaking services let you focus on your business growth and development exceptionally!

What is an email landing page?

First, you need to specify the meaning of an email landing page. If you don’t know about a landing page, it is a website page that’s mostly visited by your target audience from whatever source we talk about. The source can be a social media post, a classified ad, or a guest blog on another referring domain. An email landing page is something inspired by the same thing. It consists of an email message that’s accompanied by a link to your landing page. Your email marketing landing page is your opportunity to reach out to most of your conversions. 

Your email landing page is what you want to display regarding your email marketing approach. You have to represent a website landing page that you want your users to visit via your email message. Hence you have to take care of different aspects related to the components present on the landing page. A website landing page is generally its homepage but you can further think about what you want to include in your landing page and enhance user engagement on the same. It simply means you need to make considerable changes on your web pages before going for an email marketing campaign.

An email landing page is something crucial for an effective marketing outcome. You invest in a marketing project and therefore you have to see a considerable ROI against the same. Better ROI can encourage you to create more influential emails to attract your target conversions. A conversion rate specifies your online business potential and potential in your offerings. You can visit eGoodMedia to know more about your email marketing potential. We’re a team of skilled Digital Marketing & Website SEO experts delivering unmatched support to the emerging businesses around the West Coast!

What are the constituents of an email landing page?

An email landing page is a blend of components that are crucial for drawing more traffic to your website. You have to specify your audience’s tastes and preferences before creating a landing page and even promoting the same via your email marketing campaign. There are different constituents of the landing page that you’re supposed to take care of in this context:

1. Main Headline

Every web page is supposed to have a headline that summarises the information related to the page. That means the user can simply reach out the meaning of the whole web page in certain words. It is a powerful approach through which you can attract your target audience very quickly. The headline of the page is easily recognizable and the users are often concerned about what belongs to the main content body. A good title can excite them and encourage them to see for more. They want to review more and use your website functionalities essentially. 

2. A Selling Proposition

This is not usually found on every landing page out there. But you can represent the same on certain websites like eCommerce etc, where the value of online sales is very crucial. Though you’re not supposed to public anything related to your sales record, you have to display associated details about your market performance sometimes to attract the target audience. Your sales proportion consists of your star products and services to be displayed additionally. 

3. The Offer

The approaching component is of course what you want to offer regarding your target products and services. You have to make that offer quite considerable and that’s why you might need a team of graphic designers and website designers to bring something innovative to the offer. You can also add animations or gifs to your landing page to make it more eye-catching and perfect to attract more user attention. Emails are not very much noticed if you don’t have a strong offer to deliver to your customers. Further, the conversion rate is something beyond the same. 

4. Social Media Handles

Sometimes the users don’t want to visit you through your email links but rather specify your social activeness on various Social Media Handles. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more on the internet where you can create your business page and let the users know better about your company. When the customer joins you socially he’s going to follow you for a long time period. However, you also have to update them on your social media posts from time to time.  

5. Images & Videos

Images and videos are just other categories of content that you have to maintain on your landing page. It keeps on changing through time. You need to create more videos and images as your website grows. Appoint an advertising team that specifies the use of innovative videos related to your business and your website landing page. Make sure that your content is not boring especially when you’re addressing an interesting purchase offer associated with your top products and services. Infographics can also be considered a fine image message to be conveyed to your visitors.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

CTA is an inseparable part of a website landing page. A call to action button is even found on a personal blog as the webmaster needs to earn something from the website someday. Or else he simply shut the website. Call to action means you’re supposed to generate a buying decision out of your website traffic and convert them into specific leads. Call to action is your ticket to perfection regarding what you want to sell on your website. 

7. Support & Closing Argument

This is the ultimate portion of your landing page content. Share your support and your closing thoughts about the offers and your business setup and farewell your visitors with a decent note. Even if they don’t convert into specified leads, don’t push them. Your website traffic is enough to rank you exceptionally in the search engine results. Support and closing arguments help users remember you for quite a long time. 

So these were the foundational constituents of every email landing page out there. Furthermore, you can add elements to your email landing page that are associated with your business in a unique manner. At eGoodMedia we understand your business concerns and let you create your marketing strategy accordingly. Let us know if our Online Marketing & Website SEO Services are better for your business development goals. We’d like to get connected with you!

How to create an email marketing landing page?

Now comes the establishment part. Before creating an email marketing landing page we suggest you understand your audience first. People don’t pay ample attention to promotional emails so you have to pay more attention to the content you represent through your email. To create an email marketing landing page accordingly, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps properly: 

1. Descriptive & Clear Headline

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you’re not supposed to come up with a misleading headline. The headline of the email message is going to trigger the user’s attention very quickly. So keep it simple, to the point, and easy to understand. Don’t complicate things. Make sure that the title exactly elaborates what’s being conveyed on the landing page majorly. This is a very good start you can take regarding your email marketing landing page creation. 

2. Gather Your Important Stuff

A landing page is a combination of so many elements that you have to gather and create unique stuff to be analyzed by the users and customers. You’re not supposed to miss out on anything amid establishing your marketing strategy in this context. Remember that you’re required to solve particular user issues through your email marketing goals, and for that, you must include some constituents that are relative to what they’re exactly looking for. Inappropriate stuff can discourage your leads to step back from your online offer. So you better take care of the same. 

3. Make Sure on White Space

A very limited white space is usually not liked by anyone, whether on your landing page or some other web page. Moreover, too much white space is also not good in case you want to convey an informative email. You have to maintain a balance regarding the same so that your prospective buyers don’t get fed up with the presentation of white space you’ve created. The white space reflects a better organization of information with the help of which the users easily differentiate between various components of your landing page.

Apart from this, you’re advised to use just one Call to Action (CTA) button on your landing page. It won’t push the user to make a purchase decision on your landing page. Moreover, you have to make sure of certain distractions that are going to affect the user experience regarding your email. Visit eGoodMedia and let us assist you throughout your Email Marketing & Website SEO efforts for better results. We’re an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Company based in Vancouver!

7 tips to enhance your email conversions

Having an email marketing landing page is not enough for you to convert your prospective visitors to leads. You have to understand what the audience is looking for initially. Conversions are a tough thing to grab in the primary circumstances, but you have to keep patience and keep moving with your marketing goals. You can follow the enlisted tips to enhance your email conversions in this context:

1. Act Personal

Here you have to remember that your target audience is not just your consumer group but your true business development companion as well. You can use the name of the user to convey the offer via email. It is the most important step you can’t afford to overlook starting your email message. If you address the name of the client or customer, you give them a fine reason to trust you. They want to know how concerned you are about their well-being through your business offering. Hence, using their name in the introductory part of your email is very important. 

2. Share a Story

That’s another important tip you’re not allowed to miss out on. You can share an important story about the rise of your target products or service. Additionally, you can also mention what’s there in your products and services that are better for the website users to make use of. You can also share other user experiences related to the same to enhance the trust factor more effectively. 

3. Automated Drip Campaign 

Drip campaigns could be assigned after a user takes some action on your website. You can send them further emails related to corresponding products or offer updates if they’ve purchased something from you earlier. A drip campaign can help you retain potential customers associated with your online shopping brand. eCommerce websites usually go through such drip campaigns and create fine brand loyalty and goodwill for their online business. 

4. Better Call to Action

Moving ahead you have to decide on a better call to action button for your landing page. One call to action button is enough for most of the landing page layouts. Moreover, you have to think twice before coming up with that single call to action (CTA) button for your web page. Moreover, the call to action button you have added to the landing page must be easy to use, and available right away. 

5. Run Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-friendliness is an indivisible part of website designing & development these days. And so is the way the website landing pages are designed these days. You have to make sure that mobile responsiveness is active on your website so that the users could also use email service on their mobile phone to reach out to what you have conveyed via email. Mobile-friendliness has brought ease of doing business like never before and you have to ensure that it’s working fine on your website design for further consideration. 

6. Image Linking

Backlinks are important regarding different aspects of your website growth & development. Now it may help you with your email marketing plans too. You can simply use an image, whether infographics or a photograph to address your business offer. Furthermore, you can link back from this image to your target landing page. You can also put the screenshot of your landing page if you want the user to remember your landing page for a long period. 

7. Subject Lines & Open Rates

An email message is meaningless without a subject line. It is the very first thing the user notices about your email message. The subject line should never be longer than usual and requires 6-7 words to explain what resides in the rest of the email body. So, you’re required to create an impression here and let the user know about your budding products and services effectively. You can also specify open rates on your email message to know how many subscribers are usually interested in your business offer.  

Closing thought on the email landing page

In the end, we want to suggest that you must get expert advice before setting up your email marketing campaign as such if you have no previous experience with the same. Getting leads through email marketing is quite a challenge that you have to undergo. At eGoodMedia we can suggest numerous bulk email marketing tools and techniques and even run a marketing strategy on behalf of your business if you’re out extra time & effort. Our leading Online Marketing & Social Media Optimization Experts are there to assist you right away. Let us know!