Have you created your website’s backlink network so far? If not, you’re most likely going to remain at the bottom of the search engine rankings. Google considers it a very important factor for the website ranking. Google bots usually love to reach your website through various channels and link building exactly provides them with the same. It enhances your online popularity for both users and the search engine crawlers to consider. However, you must know about such varied channels of backlinks first. You can go for Business Listings, Classified Ads, Guest Blogging, Social Media Platforms, Forums & Blog Comments for your link building goals. 

How about getting backlinks from existing blog posts, competitor’s websites, or unlinked mentions? No waste of time, no additional efforts, and you earn your dream backlinks straight away. Such techniques are very helpful when you’ve got through a severe search ranking drop. There could be ample reasons for such a drop but you have to recover quickly. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about various unlinked brand mentions you can find and convert into potential backlinks to your website pages. At eGoodMedia we often discuss such website designing & development issues and find corresponding solutions to the same. We’re a renowned search marketing & social media monitoring company providing for various potential business units around Seattle & Vancouver!

The essence of this website post is distributed among the following pieces of subjects & information:

  • What are various sources of unlinked brand mentions?
  • How brand mentions benefit your link building strategy?
  • 8 techniques to convert unlinked brand mentions to potential backlinks
  • Final thoughts on brand mentions & backlinks

You can make use of this information to set up your eCommerce web design strategy and represent your associated brands & products before various mediums of website traffic you’ve got. Let’s get started with the topic!!

What Are the Different Sources of Unlinked Brand Mentions?


As the word depicts, brand mention is focused on a specified product or service. You can address an eCommerce website easily through a brand mention. If you have an eCommerce website design & development plan to carry out, you can proceed with 2 categories of products- Local & Traditional Goods & Top Brands. Amazon.com is a top brand eCommerce platform and alternatively provides for local brands. That’s another idea you can take inspiration from to build an efficient eCommerce business plan.

Moving ahead we would suggest the following sources of unlinked brand mentions you can reach and request the proportionate webmasters for a potential backlink if you’ve got that product or service on your eCommerce platform:

1. Product Blogs

The internet is filled with these sorts of websites. The webmasters with adequate knowledge about a specific product earn exceptionally through their product blogs accompanied by Google Adsense. Since your eCommerce website is going to be fresh it may take time for you to reach a deal. After all who wants to link back to a website with a DA below 20. But remember, it is eCommerce that you’ve been working on. If you can offer a product that’s scarcely available on other platforms, you can fetch the triumph comfortably. 

2. Q&A Websites

Quora has become a renowned Q&A platform over the past few years. People use to share their experiences representing a specific product or service and that’s really an amazing way of social media gathering. You can find thousands of queries related to a specified product brand. For example, “is Acer Aspire 7 a fine variant for heavy-duty gaming?”. 

If you stock the product on your eCommerce platform, try at least to make the user visit the target web page on your site. The aim here is not to request a backlink from an existing answer but to create a good answer and post it beneath the query. You can hire a content department to handle such things.

3. Social Media Community

As the name suggests, you have to reach various social media platforms and corresponding product & eCommerce communities on the same. You can produce various social media posts or find out the corresponding posts with the words & phrases addressing your eCommerce brands and products. Social media platforms always remain filled with regular people & shopping enthusiasts. As such you get a chance to establish a potential backlink on an unlinked brand mention. You may also review your own social media posts consisting of unlinked brand mentions.

With eGoodMedia you can intensify your website’s social media monitoring & management as we’ve got the best internet marketing & SEO team for your website support. You can reach us anytime when in doubt about something related to your website’s search engine ranking!  

4. Online Classified Ads

Linking back from classified ads could be quite challenging as people use such platforms to mention their own webpages & services. However, there’s a solution. If your company is matured enough to have certain business partners & clients, you can consult them to link back from their brand mentions to your website. You can approach their online classified posts and find unlinked brand mentions out there. Certain classified ads have a long product description consisting of multiple backlinks and these are equally easy to trigger. Reach them!

5. Forums & Blog Comments

This source could also be a difficult one to employ. Online forums aren’t focused on brand mentions and promotional strategies. They are simply created for sharing & exchange of information. As such the keywords & anchor texts you’re going to target could be hard to find. However, you can make a list of essential keywords & phrases and search them on specified forum posts. To search effectively you can visit an appropriate forum post and apply the common function Ctrl+F to find out relative keywords or brand mentions that are unlinked. 

Alternatively, you may visit eGoodMedia’s award-winning website design & marketing services for overall assistance & support. Our skilled web design & development team provides you with ample opportunities to enhance your search engine ranking & market position!

How Brand Mentions Benefit Your Link Building Strategy? 


An eCommerce link building strategy usually differs from a regular strategy. In this case, you’re not expected to create a guest post necessarily. You can directly replicate your competitor’s backlink or get a new backlink from an unlinked brand mention. Brand mentions are not there for learning purposes, they simply depict a call to action (CTA) when embedded along with a link. Following this, we can suggest the enlisted benefits for your link building strategy:

1. Quicker Link Building

Brand mentions are probably everywhere. When you open an eCommerce store you get introduced to millions of products & items. Studies show that there are more than 12 million products on Amazon alone. Consequently, you’ll find thousands of sources associated with specified Brand Mentions you want to target. However, the brand mentions must represent a market trend and popularity among budding consumers and internet users. The more famous Brand Mention you choose, the more backlinks you’re likely going to build.

2. Enhanced Domain Authority

Unlinked brand mentions are very quick to bring you an army of backlinks. As a result your website’s domain authority also increases effectively. But on the other side, you must make sure of the quality of your backlinks. Or else, your website authority will start declining instead. Remember, the capability of your website backlink depends on the quality of its source. While reaching your target brand mention you should ensure the following quality parameters:

  • A secure website URL (padlock in the URL bar)
  • A website with a Domain Authority (DA) above 30 at least
  • Online reputation of the website
  • No signs of malware, spyware, ransomware & virus, etc
  • Reliable & trustworthy information, etc

To review the online reputation of your target webmaster you can make use of various ORM tools available on the search engine like- Google Alerts, Trackur, Reputology, Senti-one, Social Mention, etc. Your website’s domain authority is your first impression before the users, clients & consumers. So you better enhance & preserve it!

3. Increase Search Engine Rank

Every web design & development story has a happy-ending called search engine rank. We all have to acquire a search engine rank, whether first, second, fifth, or hundredth. Several factors collectively contribute to your website ranking and unlinked brand mention is one of them. It opens multiple doors for your off-page link building efforts. As there are ample products in the market there are many opportunities for you to draw your brand mentions backlinks. 

Additionally, your online reputation and the user insight to your web address also get improved. For more information on search engine marketing & optimization, you can visit eGoodMedia anytime. Here we offer you the best search marketing & social media monitoring support for your online business establishment. Consequently, your website search ranking is also reinforced!

8 Techniques to Convert Unlinked Brand Mentions to Potential Backlinks

Finally, we’ve got to think about how we can convert such potential brand mentions into your best website backlinks. After all, backlinks could only be decided by the webmaster and you have to reach & request one to provide for your off-page SEO plan. So what? Is it some sort of complicated process to undergo? Yes, we bet you it is. Although it could be the fastest way you can accomplish your link building goal, it is not easy at all. 

You have to look at your level of repute online and also your leading online products & items. After that, you have to make sure the source of the backlink you’re going to deal with. Considering all such factors we’ve proposed 8 important techniques you can use to capture your unlinked brand mentions efficiently, take a look:

1. Discover Your Best Brand Mentions

You probably might know what brand mentions mean to your business & your website. The approaching step is to discover the best brand mentions your website would require. Then what’s the internet for? A number of brand mentions discovery tools are available to assist you with your preferences. The best ones we’d like to suggest are- Link Prospector, Ahrefs Mentions Tracker, Scrapebox, etc. Through these tools, you can not only examine your competitor’s famous brand mentions but also your own mentions and set up an alert for other webmasters to reach you in the future. 

2. Keep Reviewing Your Link Building Metrics

As discussed above, don’t forget your level of repute and your link building performance with respect to your future plans. You can visit Ahrefs Site Explorer to examine your website’s keyword ranking, backlink performance, and entire website metrics based on such factors. When you recognize the number of backlink domains associated with your website you can easily discover your opportunity for brand mentions. In the same way, you can also decide on the anchor texts and keywords you want to target as your top brand mentions. 

3. Build Your Brand Footprints

If your website’s brand name is matured enough to trigger potential backlinks from external mentions don’t neglect them. For this, you can create your own brand footprints going through advanced searches on specified brand mentions. In simple words, you can add your different web page address along with your brand name or product name by taking ideas from advanced searches conducted by internet users. Then you have to create respective URLs to your specified web pages. It’s like optimizing your own Brand Mention to get multiple backlink opportunities. 

4. Conduct the URL Search

The next step is to use the brand footprints you’ve created to find out the best website URLs you can target to backlink from. Remember that your brand mentions footprints are the keywords or search queries addressing your different products & service pages along with your brand name. If you run an eCommerce website, you can create more footprints by adding the top brands on your website along with your website name. Make use of tools like Link Prospector to conduct your search for the prospecting website URLs you want to target. 

5. Outreach Prospective Webmasters

When you’ve got your list of the best referring domains & corresponding URLs carrying your unlinked brand mentions, export the same to the cold emailing & outreach tool you’re using. The best tools for cold outreach we’d like to suggest are- BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, Tomoson, Pitchbox, Traackr, ContentMarketer.io, etc. During outreach, you have to make sure to mention your prerequisites properly. Here are the major constituents of your outreach structure:

  • Generate your outreach project
  • Create a separate template for your outreach
  • Create a message thread for multiple attempts
  • Mention your subject in an informative & clear manner
  • Create the message body and mention your prerequisites in a precise & easy-to-grasp way
  • Send the message to the prospective webmasters. 
  • You can make use of dedicated email searching tools like Hunter to find useful email addresses of the webmasters

As such, you can reach your favorite brand mentions URLs and share your terms with the prospective webmasters. You can share your product & service details and discuss how important a backlink from his or her website to your web page is going to be. 

6. Webmaster’s Terms

The story isn’t over. You’re still awaiting the webmaster’s reply. Though the webmaster’s URL is embedded with your brand mention, it is still unlinked and you can’t force him or her anyway to put a backlink. He can request to review your website & web pages thoroughly. There’s a huge difference between a brand mention without a link & a backlink of course. The webmaster always has to make sure whether linking back is reliable & trustworthy. Of course, it is going to be a do-follow link otherwise no one is going to be concerned. Webmasters often allow you if they have no great number of backlinks on that web page and a DA lower than yours.

7. See for More Opportunities

Don’t stick to your first revert insanely. There are so many other websites & brand mentions like yours on the webmaster’s URL and you can’t count on a single opportunity when you have received other positive replies. If a webmaster refuses right away to help you, say “Thank You” and move on. Maybe another webmaster was just awaiting your message. You can surely draw a great number of backlinks even overlooking your initial failures. All the best!

8. Analyze Your Outcomes

At last, you must have to review your outcomes with respect to your search engine ranking, backlink metrics, and your off-page performance. You must also ensure if there’s some negative impact of your brand mention’s backlink strategy on your website pages. The tools we’ve suggested would also mention the leading reasons behind your fall back. After going through such an analysis you’ll be able to create an improved backlink strategy in the future. 

Final Thoughts on Unlinked Brand Mentions

In the end, we’d like to advise you that Unlinked Brand Mentions are just another medium of link building and not an ultimate solution. When you feel you need to conduct a content marketing strategy, go for it. When you know you can replicate competitor’s backlinks to your web pages, do it. When you are comfortable with an informative anchor text or phrase to link back to your website, just achieve it. Digital marketing & search engine ranking practices are not focused on a specified aspect of strategy. You have got a sky of opportunities & solutions. 

eGoodMedia is another address to the search marketing & website SEO solutions you’re looking for. Our expert web designing & development team is awaiting your call for dedicated support & assistance. Let’s have a fine conversation!!