What do you think about your social handle status on a holiday or worldwide festival? Do you feel you need to represent your regular post in a more appealing form? Social media interactions have so many varieties and consequently, you have multiple ways to come up with your business offers, products & services. You have multiple opportunities to conduct marketing messaging for your brand to raise awareness & corresponding discussion over the same on social media platforms. Social media platforms are indeed a great source of social interactions regarding varied festivals, traditions & cultures as well. Because these platforms integrate different people from different cultures together. 


The hashtag trend has been following Facebook since 2013. Today, it has become an inseparable part of the Facebook posts you want to publish. Even personal posts also follow the hashtag trend these days. So, you can find a great opportunity to execute your social media marketing plan considering a Holiday Hashtag approach. You can create appealing posts that relate to a national or international holiday. Social media platforms are open to all types of cultures & traditions except for certain regions across the world. 

We’ve come up with this post to make you aware of your opportunities for better social media marketing efforts. Better social marketing efforts mean better website traffic & consequently better search engine ranking. The main highlights of this article are going to guide you throughout your social marketing requirements amid holiday & festive seasons:

  • What are Holiday Hashtags?
  • What is the importance of applying Holiday Hashtags?
  • Contemporary Holiday Hashtag Ideas for your Social Marketing Campaign
  • 7 Holiday Hashtag Creation Strategies for Social Marketing
  • Final Thought

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What are Holiday Hashtags?

Just like other social media hashtags, Holiday Hashtags are focused on your social media content & caption. It can address a particular topic, product, or service as per the market trends, and as you know that social media hashtags also depict a particular segment of trend you can’t overlook one to be included in your social media caption. Then comes the various cultures & traditions associated with social media platforms. Social media applications are made available to different parts of the world so that different people come together and share their ideas, experiences & thoughts related to a particular topic.   


The fact further gives birth to Holiday Hashtags that are simply a category of social media hashtags dedicated to worldwide festivals & holiday events. You can use these holiday hashtags to represent your target products & services from time to time. You can also follow the festivals & holidays associated with other cultures & customs. You’ve got a business to capture overseas user tastes & preferences. Hence, you can represent them through your social media content. 

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What is the Importance of Applying Holiday Hashtags?

Holiday Hashtags are applied occasionally. You don’t need to push a holiday hashtag strategy otherwise. It is a social media marketing strategy that triggers potential holidays and the corresponding user interactions on various social platforms. Emerging marketers & webmasters get a great chance to promote their contemporary offers to allure potential customers through such platforms. There are many benefits you can enjoy posting Holiday Hashtags along with your social message as follows:

1. Holiday Hashtags are Influential

Holiday Hashtags can grab more attention than your regular social media hashtags. The foremost reason behind this is website traffic. During a trending holiday or festival, whether belongs to any other place, you can experience a relative rise in social media interactions. As it’s a holiday you will find more people on social media platforms than usual. They come to share their personal experiences regarding their celebrations. And, that’s when you can create a potential influence through your social media posts to encourage the users to come & try your target products & services. 

2. Holiday Hashtags Promotes Creativity

That’s another essential aspect of Holiday Hashtags. Creativity means you get to learn new things regarding your social media content. You can take assistance from your graphic designing team to create appealing infographics, visuals, videos, and images for your social media content. It will essentially represent your in-house project so you & your team can work with a free mind to introduce what your leading competitors are unable to, on social media channels. Show your creativity in your social media posts like never before.

3. Helps to Build Relationships

This is the most important outcome of your holiday hashtag campaign that you can generate. Holiday hashtags essentially capture the user’s emotions when you represent your best offers for holidays that aren’t native to your culture. To promote your business on global grounds you have to adopt such traits and understand the emotions of your target audience overseas. And, following this, you can build notable relationships with many new social media followers of yours. Holiday Hashtags let you represent your best offers with respect to the user celebrations you want to target. 

4. Enhanced Traffic & Search Rank

The aim of establishing social media content is to create awareness for your brand & most importantly your website. You can’t generate potential ROI against your web investment until you get considerable user support for your services & business. Therefore, you can’t skip your website traffic & search engine ranking in this context. You have to create a network of channels that lead your audience to your web pages & website address. Social media is also a channel that consists of various sub-channels like Holiday Hashtags that could encourage users to visit your cornerstone content & leading website pages. 

5. Keep you Updated

There could be some holidays or festivals that are celebrated worldwide. For example New Year’s Eve. As such you have to stay updated on what your leading competitors are preparing to offer the target audience. For this, you have to undergo a Holiday Hashtag marketing strategy. The right hashtags you select for your marketing campaign the more influence you’re likely going to create through your social media posts. Moreover, you can review your competitor’s posts to know about the Holiday Hashtags that are trending. 


In this way, we can entail the importance of Holiday Hashtags in our digital marketing campaign. You might have doubts related to some other aspects of internet marketing as such. You can simply reach out to eGoodMedia for a detailed discussion of your issues. We’re a team of experienced Social Media Influencers & Digital Marketers from Seattle who are devoted to resolving the corresponding issues that could resist your online marketing efforts crucially!

Contemporary Holiday Hashtag Ideas for Social Marketing

The year 2021 has brought many resolutions that people want to achieve for a better life & living opportunities. They might have shared their resolutions on various social media platforms that your online business is also a part of. If you’ve got such a conversation in your social handle that represents discussion related to 2021 resolutions you can get an idea of what you can introduce as your new year holiday hashtag package. 

You don’t even have to conduct a personalized survey to collect data regarding this. People often share their interests publicly on various social media pages & groups. You just need to conduct a public survey as such for your personal knowledge. Here are the leading Holiday Hashtag Ideas we have generated through such insights that could help you get started with your social media content strategy:

  • #hotel
  • #hotels 
  • #vacations
  • #instatravel
  • #lifestyle
  • #tourism
  • #nature
  • #airbnb
  • #holiday fun
  • #memorial day
  • #labor day
  • #independence day etc

Though Covid-19 has not spared the world so far, there are many other parts of the world where governments have initiated soft tourism and you just need to link up your services with holidays & global getaways as such. You can consult your social media team or a social marketing agency to decide on other powerful Holiday Hashtags as such. We would strongly recommend you to get started with your social media marketing strategy if your business model relates to any worldwide holiday or tourism in this context. 

7 Holiday Hashtag Creation Strategies for Social Marketing

Now there are certain factors you have to keep in mind regarding your social media marketing campaign. First of all, you have to work on your social media content. You can represent something regular or boring in this context. You have to think about your creative insights & come up with innovative social content ideas. Then you have to review your Holiday Hashtag list to confirm if your website content or business model is sufficient enough to make use of such hashtags. Remember you don’t have to force a social media post on your leading users. They’ll surely find out if you’re becoming pushy on them. 

However, we also suggest you think about the right topics, products & services that you can offer your consumers addressing a holiday wish alongside. Here are the 7 important holiday hashtag creation strategies you can follow to get optimum results against your social marketing investment: :

1. Company Culture

The story obviously starts with hashtag selection. You have to figure out your company culture in this situation. The company culture represents so many aspects of the working techniques, values & ethics practiced in your company. If your company culture doesn’t address anything related to an upcoming global or local holiday, we suggest you think about adding the same to your culture or simply skip the holiday. There are certain multinational companies that don’t prefer to highlight a holiday in their social media posts related to an outer region. However, there are some others who like to adopt cross-cultural aspects to enhance their social media presence. 

Hence, before getting started with your first Holiday Hashtag Campaign make sure of your company or business culture. However, we’d suggest that if you have your online stores & services overseas, you must take care of a dedicated social media post in that case. 

2. Select the Right Hashtags

As discussed in the previous point, you can follow your organization’s culture to decide on whether to initiate a social post with a relative Holiday Hashtag representing another country or not. But smart marketers & mature companies often go for adopting the native culture of the countries where they sell their products & services. Therefore, we suggest you select the right hashtags as per the country or corresponding social media community you want to target. One more benefit you can draw out of such a social media strategy is the chance to trigger huge social media traffic or interactions. 

For an instance, let’s consider the festival of Diwali. You can see huge traffic related to Diwali Celebrations on the eve of the very next day when people use to share their last night experiences & family moments. You will get a fine idea of what you need to project as your Holiday Hashtag Strategy. You can select hashtags that highlight pre-Diwali, Diwali & post-Diwali offers effectively for more & more user interest & consequent social media traffic. 

3. Make Use of Your Social Media Data

Your social media data is your primary weapon. You might have conducted a cross-cultural Holiday Hashtag Campaign earlier but didn’t get a satisfactory outcome of your efforts. Don’t lose hope & suggest your social media marketing team conduct social media research. Social media analytics brings you a genuine report of your leading pitfalls & mistakes that generated problems for your marketing campaign. Find out the data representing total likes, comments & shares on your social media post comprising your Holiday Hashtag strategy. 

Marketers are always concerned about the likes & preferences of the customers, whether operating online or offline. If you know your consumer taste you know about the market trend pretty well. Though the consumer taster could also be traditional or out of fashion, then antiques also have a sales trend out there. There are so many consumer groups that are crazy about old products & services even today. As long as there’s a demand for a product, the market trend never comes down. 

4. Review your Success & Failures

With the help of the social media data you’ve got, you can evaluate your success & failure and the consequent reasons behind the same. Use the social media analytics tool that fits your marketing goals perfectly. You get so many options out there- Sprout Social, HubSpot, Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, etc. Reviewing your Holiday Hashtag failures can also help you understand the market trend more perfectly. Moreover, the successful points can encourage you to go for a more improved version of your social media content. You will surely figure out the potential of your marketing messaging in that case. 

Make sure on these 3 things in such condition:

  • Review your top hashtag performance since the last year
  • Ensure your annual & monthly plans by using the previous records
  • Store the data for further analysis amid practicing a new social strategy

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Recognize your Target

Recognizing your target ahead of time is really essential in this context. You must remember a notable holiday or festival associated with overseas culture. You can create an online calendar & set a reminder so that you don’t miss an update. Keeping such a record you can also decide on your social media messaging technique way ahead of time. Your social media marketing team needs to take care of the Holiday Hashtags sufficient for an upcoming holiday status on your social media handle. Make use of Google Calendar to set reminders regarding the same. 

Shared Responsibility

With your, Holiday Hashtag tries to bring a change in the user’s life and touch his emotions. You have to think twice before posting social media content like that. You’re not just supposed to sell a product in a whole new way. You have to go beyond that and please your target user to build a relationship with your brand.

Keep Eye on Your Competitor

That’s a great reason to fail even if you’ve invested proper time & efforts providing your social media consumers & folks. You have to understand that social marketing trends could change overnight. So you can’t count on your previous year’s success rate forever. You have to pay serious attention to the social media data you collect from various social analytics tools you’ve got!

Final Thought

We hope this post has opened many doors for your online marketing strategy improvement and would help you frame your upcoming Holiday Hashtag posts for your social media development. You can share more of your thoughts & suggestions if you want to dig deeper into your website marketing goals & strategies. At eGoodMedia we have the best Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Team to support your business development dreams. Stay tuned!!