Are you looking to resist the various Google penalties related to your online business and your website? Then you must find out the different reasons why Google can penalize your web pages and the corresponding components. These penalties can ruin your website marketing goals and objectives and degrade your website’s worth before the clients and customers. Google talks about certain standards and protocols that every website needs to follow to remain in the top SERPs or else, you can lose your business’s value online. 

Google penalties consistently remind you of the various mistakes involved in your digital marketing campaign. You get to know what Google algorithms you have missed to follow regarding your website promotion efforts. You should focus on these Google standards and protocols and integrate them with your business model to specify if you’re able to follow all such standards. You have to learn what’s essential for your digital marketing campaign to improve your online business presence. 

Through this post, we’re going to suggest to you the different Google penalties that you need to avoid and raise your website traffic effectively. Healthy website traffic indicates a sound digital marketing campaign and that’s very crucial if you want to optimize your online business presence. We’ll also discuss the various reasons that give birth to such penalties and how you can avoid them. Enlisted are the main highlights of the article you will go through: 

  • What is Google Penalty? 
  • How to Classify Google Penalties?
  • How Google Penalties Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaign?
  • 6 Reasons for Google Penalties & How to Deal With Them
  • Closing Though on Google Penalties

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What is Google Penalty?

Google penalizes websites for inappropriate website SEO traits that can ruin your position on the top SERPs. Google has to show the best results as per the user queries and issues and therefore the web designers and marketers have to work on their web pages and content accordingly. Your website design and content should work as a top solution to user queries and issues. The website content could become the biggest source of Google penalty for your business as it majorly contributes to your On-Page SEO strategy.

When a website violates its webmaster guidelines the result comes out to be a Google penalty, and these webmaster guidelines are all inspired by the famous search engine algorithms available. SEO is the process of making your web pages perfect to answer the various user queries on Google. These user’s queries lead to the largest organic traffic on your website. Organic traffic means the traffic from the search engines to your web pages. Given below are the main SEO components you need to maintain over time to resist the Google penalties: 

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness)
  • Headline
  • Header Tags
  • SEO Writing
  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Content Audit
  • User Engagement
  • Image Optimization etc

Taking care of such factors you can easily conduct Google penalty recovery for your website. To get better On-Page SEO services for your website marketing you can reach out to eGoodMedia and talk to our skilled and experienced online marketers right away. We’re a result-oriented SEO Company in Seattle helping various online businesses optimize their identity on the search engine results!

How to Classify Google Penalties?

Google penalties are further distributed among various categories depending on the SEO mistakes and drawbacks your website consists of. Every website has a drawback associated with its search engine optimization approach. The website has to overcome these drawbacks for good search engine ranking. Following this, Google penalties are divided into two types- Algorithmic Penalties and Manual Penalties. Let’s discuss these penalties thoroughly:

1. Algorithmic Penalties

The penalties that take birth following the misconduct of Google algorithms and protocols on your website are called Algorithmic Penalties. Google modifies its search engine algorithms every year as some online marketers, website designers, and developers introduce many irrelevant black hat SEO techniques to approach huge website traffic and customer recognition for their online products and services. Their actions are usually against Google Algorithms and their website has to pay the price accordingly. 

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobilegeddon, BERT, etc are some of the most notable updates to consider in this context. All these algorithm updates were created to overcome various search engine frauds and issues with the leading results or websites. Some of these issues are: 

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Low-quality content
  • Grammatical errors
  • Duplicate content 
  • Black hat linking techniques
  • Poor mobile responsiveness etc

All these factors are against a good website SEO approach and you need to avoid them while creating your website content to provide for the Google algorithm updates to resist the penalties. To overcome such penalties you need to make sure if any drop in your web page rank or your website DA is due to a recent algorithm update? You can also consider the traffic on your website for tracking such results.  

2. Manual Penalties

The 2nd important category of Google penalty is the manual one. It has nothing to do with the algorithm updates but issues in your particular web pages. The Google employees penalize such pages themself and the problem of such web pages is somewhere different from other websites. Even if you’re following the right Google algorithm updates on your web pages you can undergo such issues that consist of- Poor Content Quality, Poor Web Security, and Using Black Hat SEO techniques. These issues lead to specialized penalties on your website. 

To resolve these issues you can approach Google Search Console or make use of several external tools that can help you figure out your web content drawbacks in this context. Google penalty recovery is very important for your website to gain back its position on the leading SERPs and therefore we suggest you focus on your SEO issues accordingly. 

A good White Hat SEO strategy is essential for your business image and the search engines pay special emphasis on ranking such website web pages on a priority basis. You can visit eGoodMedia anytime to share your SEO concerns thoroughly with our digital marketing experts. Our conversion-centric SEO Company can help your online business grow exceptionally on the internet! 

How Google Penalties Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

If you’re not conscious about the Google penalties affecting your web pages so far, you can face many unpleasant consequences regarding your SEO and online marketing campaign. Your website’s search engine rank lowers down unexpectedly and your domain authority (DA) also drops to a poor level. You might have some web pages that consist of cornerstone content and you want to rank up your website on the basis of such web pages. As such, you can’t overlook the penalties Google puts on your website. 

You must approach a trusted SEO Company to raise your business worth and update your online marketing techniques from time to time so that you could overcome such penalties easily. In this segment, we’re going to talk about the different ways Google penalties are going to affect your online marketing goals. Let’s find out: 

1. Rank Drop for Keywords

If you’re planning to rank for a specific keyword the penalty can ruin your plan right away. These are called keyword-level penalties and don’t let your website rank for a specific keyword or user query. Even if the search volume of that keyword is exceptionally high, your web pages won’t find a way to rank somewhere on the search engine results. Apart from that specific keyword, the users can find your web page for other secondary keywords associated with the target keyword. But you have to include such keywords and tags in your content. 

2. Rank Drop for URL

It can be easily understood that the rank for a particular web page is going to drop. Certain page ranks for your web pages can affect your entire website marketing strategy. When the users like one or two of your web pages, they could probably think of visiting the other web pages in the future. But some Google penalties can be very unsound for your top web pages to grow effectively on the search engine results. A good and SEO friendly website URL need to have these features:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Security measures
  • Fast loading speed
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Better and broader accessibility
  • Good information architecture
  • Fine error handling support
  • Consistency for browser
  • A well-formatted content for better user experience
  • Trusted link sources and information

Your best website URL is going to follow all the likewise traits and you have to structure and organize your web pages accordingly. 

3. Penalty on Your Domain

A penalty on the domain means a penalty on your entire website and that’s what can’t be overlooked anyway. With other penalties, you’ve got an advantage to create and maintain other web pages on your website, but this sort of penalty can freeze your entire website from promoting your business offers online. If your website is not following multiple Google algorithm updates and is completely out of an SEO-friendly profile you can face such penalties for your website. 

Following this, your website rank will drop for several URLs and keywords due to which your website DA drops to the very initial level. You can also lose requests for guest posting on your website from other renowned referring domains. 

4. Delisting

Desilting is a very severe Google penalty for any website out there. Delisting means that Google no longer indexes your entire website for search engine usage. You have to create a new website with a new domain name and hosting service. That could cause you more website building expenses that are not good for your online business and marketing approach. Therefore, you can’t afford to get a delisting penalty on your website, especially if you have an old and matured website on the internet representing your business. 

Your website is a pound of database that you can’t build up again so easily so better to find an experienced SEO Company to serve your website SEO goals from time to time. 

So that’s how Google’s web penalties can affect your online business goals and strategies overnight. You can contact eGoodMedia anytime for sharing your digital marketing issues and problems with our trusted SEO and online marketing professionals. We’re an Award-Winning SEO and Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle and help various businesses to grow exceptionally on the search engine results!

6 Reasons for Google Penalties & How to Deal With Them

The marketers use various tactics to let their website remain on the top search result pages but their efforts sometimes approach wrong ways of online promotion and your website has to face the Google penalties. If you don’t know the right reasons behind these penalties you can’t find the right solutions to overcome the corresponding challenges for your website ranking. Before finding the solutions you need to review your business model and your marketing goals. 

If you have some sort of unrealistic and manipulative goals to accomplish through your website’s promotion strategy you must decide on such goals way ahead of time or else you can develop different reasons for your website to get penalized somewhere in the future. Moving ahead, enlisted are the 6 leading reasons responsible for Google penalties on your website and how you can overcome these penalties and get better search engine rank for your web pages: 

1. Poor Content

By poor content, we mean diverting more focus on the content quantity from quality. There are different varieties of text content and articles that you create for your web pages. Long-form content is also one of those varieties. However, the need for long-form content is limited and the content writers must take ample time to create the quality throughout such content. This sort of content is usually found in product descriptions and you must inject quality in such content. Follow these character traits to improve your website content quality: 

  • Simple words
  • Better word choice
  • Originality
  • Grammatically sound
  • Free from manipulative words and sentences

These traits together establish quality for your content and you can stand perfectly among your competitors. 

2. Unseen Links and Text

Whatever resides in your website content is reviewed by both your website users and search engine crawlers. You have to make sure that your website content consists of everything important for a good search engine ranking. Your hidden links and text can create problems for your online reputation at times. These links and text are essential for your website traffic and your business followers to review and therefore you shouldn’t hide the same from them. It is against the Google Webmaster Guidelines too. 

To overcome the Google penalties in this context, we recommend you to hide items away from the web pages you’re planning to rank up.

3. External User Spam

Make sure that the users who are using your website to leave out their comments, guest posts, and forum discussions belong to a trusted source. They often put some sort of backlinks into your web pages in various forms and you must specify all such backlinks and their respective sources before getting penalized. These are outbound links that your website users may visit in the future and you have to make sure that the links don’t belong to spammy websites. 

4. Poor Links Targeting Your Web Pages

Remember that the search engine bots can reach out to your target web pages through irrelevant backlinks from other external websites and referring domains. If those links are inappropriate, you can face a Google penalty addressing your website’s link-building quality. However, most of these links are going to be no-follow links and the search engine crawlers can’t figure out and reach out to your web pages through such links. But for the links that are do-follow, you must specify the quality of the end source. 

5. Keyword Stuffing 

Keyword stuffing is another notable issue that even SEO plugins can’t detect at times. It leads to a manipulative content marketing strategy that’s not at all going to help you rank better on the SERPs for a longer period. Keyword stuffing means that you’re using the target keyword more than usual on your web page content. You can go four 4-5 times creating 600 words content and so on. 

6. Your Website is Hacked

If your website is hacked the user can make any sort of changes in your database and that’s where the problem comes into existence. If you’re using a CMS to create and market your website, the hacker can reach out to your admin panel and do what he or she wants with your website. The result would be a fine Google penalty. Update your CMS, passwords, and IDs frequently to restrict the corresponding malware attack on your website. You can also use malware scanner tools to detect likewise issues in your website. 

Closing Thought on Google Penalties

Google penalties can affect your business growth and development goals drastically and drop your online reputation among your clients, customers, and competitors. So you better figure out the relative reasons behind such penalties and start working on your website improvement ahead of time. At eGoodMedia we also care about your digital marketing efforts and campaign and suggest the best ways you can improve your search engine presence. We’re a leading SEO Company in Vancouver. Let us know your concern!