What do you think about a mobile SEO strategy for your website promotion? Digital marketing trends change with the change in the user devices & internet surfing styles. You have to recreate your website marketing campaign accordingly. A website marketing campaign is incomplete without a website SEO strategy. And mobile optimization has become a crucial part of website SEO these days. Most audiences reside on mobile phones these days. Hence you have to frame your marketing strategy accordingly.

Mobile search engine optimization can bring you new users & customers who essentially appreciate your marketing styles. Mobile optimization can assist them in performing various operations on your site and create a relationship with your website. They visit your website again & again as they’re not supposed to open their laptop to shop from your site. You can also create a mobile application that represents your website content perfectly.

SEO for mobile is also going to serve your mobile application promotion goals too. Through this post, we want to inform you about the different aspects of mobile SEO you need to follow to make your website mobile-friendly. Certain website design & development operations are required to make the site mobile responsive. There are 2 kinds of website designs you can consider in this context- Responsive Design & Adaptive Design. 


In this post, you’ll come to know what mobile SEO is and what mobile SEO strategy you need to trigger to improve your website promotion potential for the future. For detailed learning we’ve divided the post into the following subparts: 

  • What is Mobile SEO?
  • How to Make Your Site Mobile SEO Friendly?
  • Why Do You Need a Mobile SEO Approach?
  • 10 Mobile SEO Best Practices to Consider in 2021
  • Wrapping Up on Mobile SEO

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What is Mobile SEO?

The mobile search engine optimization technique is based on mobile internet surfing through which potential users find your website. The mobile phone market has captured a huge share after the introduction of smartphones. Smartphones help them connect to the world from varied locations & conditions. Now, let’s talk about your website. To rank exceptionally on the SERPs, you must take care of your website SEO. And, mobile phone optimization is the only way you can conduct a potential website SEO campaign for online promotion. 

For mobile optimization, you can approach relative web design & development skills. Web design & development is becoming a crucial factor for website SEO these days. To understand what a mobile-friendly website needs to cover, you can simply review the enlisted constituents of mobile SEO

  • Option of Voice Search
  • Search Personalization
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Mobile-friendly application
  • Mobile indexation as separate
  • Separate from desktop SEO
  • Focused on core ranking

So, that’s how you need to optimize your mobile-friendly website. Later mobile SEO is going to affect your website in different ways. Because your existing website promotion status has a unique relation to your mobile SEO campaign. Every website is unique and so are the digital marketing strategies the webmasters go for. 

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How to Make Your Site Mobile SEO Friendly?

If you’re running a non-mobile-responsive website then you’ve got a lot of things to do. A mobile-friendly website has so much to achieve accordingly. Moreover, you’re not supposed to make it a complete mobile-responsive website. The website should be active on both mobile phones as well as the computer screens of the user. Mobile SEO is a unique source of traffic, in fact, the most essential one. It means you have to optimize your site depending on the mobile phone users & customer choice. 


To make your site mobile SEO friendly you must review the existing information structure of the same. You have to first ensure mobile friendliness. After that, you can think about an SEO campaign. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you can’t assign mobile SEO duties & responsibilities to your marketing team accordingly. Website design plays an important role to bring mobile-friendliness to your site. Here are some important mobile-friendly design features you can consider:

1. Easy Navigation

The right web design also helps you improve your website SEO & marketing strategy. Website navigation is a crucial factor that helps your customers switch from one web page to another. Navigation helps them randomly select the web page of their interest. Moreover, they can reach all the important cornerstone content on your website for knowledge & usage. A mobile-friendly design always focuses on easy navigation so that the visitors could select other web pages for added information, very easily. 

2. Easy Background

Now, what does that mean for mobile SEO? Easy background can remove various UX issues associated with both PC & mobile phones display. The user experience is very important for your website and a good UX always helps you improve your website SEO & mobile SEO for better search engine ranking. A rough background can affect user engagement on your site. The background must be encouraging so that your website visitors don’t get disturbed while using your website content.

3. Color Schemes

Color schemes can be used to differentiate between the different components of web pages. Web pages comprise different aspects that together contribute to the on-page mobile SEO of your website. Not just mobile, these components also contribute to your website SEO. The components enlisted accordingly are: 

  • Headings
  • Links
  • Paragraphs
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Radio Buttons
  • Boxes 
  • CTA Buttons and more

Though mobile optimization requires you to keep limited web page content, you can use different color pallets to highlight different components of your website page. That’s how color schemes are going to affect your website SEO!

4. Functional Animation

Functional animation also maintains user engagement on your site. And user engagement is important for mobile SEO. Internet surfing on smartphones is quite rapid & aggressive. If the users don’t find your content interesting, they’re going to leave soon. Similarly, they want to perform certain activities on your site. For example, they get through a buyer’s journey on your site. They use different functionalities & provide their credentials on different levels. You can use functional animation to encourage them on each level. 

5. Card Design 

Though it is an old website design technique still in use. You can simply represent multiple web page components in the form of virtual cards. It is usually going to aid a mobile-friendly website design that has certain limitations regarding the information you want to display on a web page. Card design organizes the web page elements more efficiently. So you can think about optimizing the quantitative database of your web pages easily. 

6. Touch ID Application

The importance of touch ID is to deliver trust & dependency. Search engines also encourage website security these days. They want to rank the websites that have a fine online reputation. SEO for mobile is essentially going to consider such web design techniques as notable ones. User trust can lead to brand loyalty and consequently leads for your online products & services. 

7. Location Assistance

Location access is another important factor that could improve website UX. However, it is limited to certain categories of websites. Mobile SEO usually considers such functionalities to rank your website & online products based on specific user queries. For example, the user searches for the “Best Pancakes in Chicago”. If you have a corresponding local business around, with a website too, you can easily rank your website in the top SERPs. 

8. Relative UI

UI is another important aspect of website design that can’t be overlooked. UI reveals the overall website appearance that you want your visitors to remember for a long time. Mobile optimization demands a unique UI that needs to relate to the website visitor’s insight. The design must show some familiarity with respect to other websites. Uniqueness doesn’t mean you have to confuse your website visitors. You can change the style & presentation of your website content but you’re not supposed to ruin the comfort level of your website visitors. 

So, these factors could encourage better mobile SEO on your site & you can plan for revolutionary marketing solutions to grow your online presence. You can approach experienced Search Engine Optimization & Marketing experts at eGoodMedia and share your website promotion concerns to increase the worth of your website on the SERPs!

Why Do You Need a Mobile SEO Approach?

Because of the website traffic. Website traffic is essential even for a personal niche blog. Although website traffic varies among different website categories, you have to achieve the right one for your site in time. Or else, you can face challenges to rank your cornerstone content on the top SERPs. SEO for mobile is another important approach to achieve added website traffic. You get enhanced traffic on your site. Because more than 70% of the world’s population uses smartphones to surf the internet. 


That’s why you need a mobile SEO approach. In fact, all webmasters need to run a mobile-friendly website. Here are some leading benefits of applying the mobile SEO approach to your website marketing campaign:

  • Mobile SEO can improve overall website SEO & search engine ranking
  • Mobile SEO can optimize the mobile shopping experience of your customers
  • It helps to improve website UX that’s essential for user convenience
  • You can retain your website audience for more experiences
  • Mobile SEO also encourage enhanced website loading speed as its focuses on limited web page content
  • Helps you to face competitive challenges as you’re not alone to offer something online these days
  • Mobile SEO for your website is a cheaper way of website promotion than a website application
  • Your brand recognition is also going to be enhanced

Hence, mobile search engine optimization ideas can be very powerful to raise your website identity among various search engines. You have to promote what you’ve started on your site and that’s the way you can sell what resides on your site effectively. Consult eGoodMedia today & let us know how our potential Digital Marketing & Website SEO Services can serve your website promotion project effectively. We’re happy to help!!

10 Mobile SEO Best Practices to Consider in 2021

Hope you realize the worth of SEO for mobile for your website promotion. Just like website SEO, mobile SEO also keeps changing with the market demands & trends. Here are the 10 mobile SEO best practices you can employ to your existing website marketing campaign & raise the worth of your site for user recognition & promotion:

1. Use AMP Markup

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The aim of AMP is to make your website pages load faster via organic search. These web pages are optimized for mobile. Your web page acquires a better SERP position, even sometimes above the paid ads & results. You can also imply the AMP content carousel to your target web page to trigger more & more searches to your website content. 

2. Employ Schema Markup 

Google has become a big fan of structured data. Especially, these days when millions of websites have made their way to the Google SERPs, no matter what the position. The more information you provide about your web pages to Google, the better SERPs rank your web page is going to acquire. Schema markup is an amazing new technique through which you can organize your web page content’s information in the backend without doing any coding. The search engine crawlers go through the information very easily & rank your website accordingly. 

3. Go for Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is subject to contemporary website marketing & designing trends that represent the user tastes & preferences. Mobile SEO is about growth & perfection. A responsive web design technique works perfectly for technical changes & modifications. Hence, responsive web design is good for the website as well as mobile SEO goals. Responsive HTML follows the size of the screen of the device that’s targeted. 

4. Image Resizing

With image resizing, we mean to address image compression here. The mobile screen is small & using a big image can’t be a good idea to consider in this context. It may affect your web page loading speed & degrade your website performance. SEO for mobile collectively showcases your website content elements in a smart & organized form. The wrong image size can inorganize all your web page content & encourage a bad user experience that leads to bounce rate & small dwell time. 

5. Avoid Flash Design 415000 

Mobile SEO also focuses on the simplicity of your website’s appearance. Although flash designs were magical a few years back, they’re losing their charm these days. These types of designs were adopted to support the uniqueness of the website. But then a lot of websites came into existence following the same trend. Consequently, the quality of the websites started compromising. And the users switched to websites that have a simple & sober UI. 

6. Preview Your Site

Adding a responsive & mobile-friendly design is not enough. You must get a prior user experience on your site before the real users get access to your web page content. It is a check that you need to conduct on your website pages before posting & moving online. You can approach your web design experts & digital marketer team to know if there’s something wrong with the website design.

7. Use Google Tools

Numerous free Google tools are available with the help of which you can improve your mobile optimization process for better outcomes. For keyword research, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner, for website analytics you have the Google Analytics tool and more. The best thing about Google is that it provides free tools for multiple sorts of projects. 

8. Speed Up Your Website

Speed is essential for every kind of website out there. The users lose interest in going through a whole web page content if the web page doesn’t open properly. The reasons could be different. Either your website database is overfilled or your website servers aren’t up to the point. You have to find out & resolve for better mobile SEO

9. Tag Posts & Write Content

You have to introduce the right website content as per the mobile-based searches. You can go for detailed keyword research that reflects genuine mobile-based searches & relative concerns. You can also tag posts related to mobile searches in this context. 

10. Don’t Use Pop-Ups

Another important approach to consider in this subject is to avoid the use of pop-up messages & notifications on your mobile-friendly website. Instead, you can use simple navigation highlights that work as a signal about your latest product or service offers. Pop-ups usually create disturbance & can’t support an ideal website SEO strategy. 

Wrapping Up on Mobile SEO

We hope this post helps you understand the essence of mobile SEO in the contemporary online marketing trend. You can also share your unique website marketing concern with eGoodMedia & let us know if we could help you with other emerging solutions. We’re a Vancouver-based Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Company dedicated to serving potential website promotion projects like yours. Let’s talk!!