Looking for the best Off-page SEO techniques to increase your website awareness and ranking?

Today every brand and company wants to grab the first position in SERP. But With the increase in the number of websites getting ranked on the first page is not as easy as it used to be in the early days. 

egoodmedia.com-off-page-pie-copyblogger-from-mozIf you want to position your website on the first page of SERP then you should be aware of the latest off-page SEO technique in 2020. There are other factors involved that help a website in getting top rank but when it comes to off-page SEO then look at the above stats (pie-chart) by copyblogger to know its importance. 

20.26% of the Google ranking factor depends on the anchor text of external links to the page which is achieved by performing the off-page SEO for a particular website and web page. Not only that but proper off-page SEO techniques can also help you in improving your link popularity.  Without wasting time let’s go ahead and identify the importance of SEO techniques.

In this article, we will be drawing your attention on what is off-page in SEO and tips that can help you in improving your website ranking. 

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What is SEO? 

“SEO” one of the popular and important acronyms i.e. referred to as Search Engine Optimization. If you have landed on our article then we assume that you already know What SEO means. However, for new beginners, we will give a short explanation that will make things clear. 

SEO is a practice and search marketing effort that allows the website to increase its online presence, and website ranking in SERP(search engine result page). An effective SEO strategy allows the website to drive more organic traffic and helps them in improving their sales and conversion. 

Other than knowing what SEO means you should also know the important aspects of SEO.  On-page & Off-page are the two important aspects of SEO. In this article, we will be highlighting some important Off-page SEO techniques that you should know if you want to generate more traffic and sales by spending time, not money.  

What is Off-page SEO? 

In simple words, Off-page refers to the search marketing efforts made outside of your website to increase its ranking in SERP. These types of efforts include link building, Content Marketing, Guest Posting, influencers outreach, and more and more.  

Both on-page and off-page SEO plays a crucial role in determining a website ranking but if you want to increase your visibility and E-A-T then it is important to focus on Off-page SEO. 

Carrying out off-page activities help google in determining what other websites think about your website. For instance, if you are getting a backlink from an important and popular website then google bot assumes your website content to be effective and it offers value to the user. 

Like in marketing we find the word of mouth to be the more effective same way when you offer something valuable other websites start giving referrals. Which becomes backlinks to your website and helps you in getting a higher rank in SERP.  By now you might be having a clear picture of what is off-page SEO. Next, we will discuss why Off-page SEO plays a role in every website.  

Why is the Off-page essential for a website?  

Today getting a website ranked on the top in SERP is not easy as site owners think, Google considers a lot of factors while assigning a rank to a website, Off-page is one among them. In a blog post, Moz mentioned that a website that spends  70% of their time on doing off-site work is considered a “Perfectionist”. 

If you want to increase your brand and website visibility among the audience then it is important for you to perform the basic off-page activities. Link Building and link earning both are considered as the essential aspect of Off-page SEO.  

Before diving into off-page SEO techniques it is important for you to know the different types of links in SEO. 

Different types of link in Off-page SEO:  

If we talk in terms of SEO then there are various links like internal links, external links, and more. But specifically for Off-page, there are three different types of links that you should know before creating an effective Off-page strategy for your website. 

  • Natural links: In simple words, bloggers, webmasters, or a website creates an anchor (link) to your website or content then it is considered as the natural link. 
  • Manual Linking: In a manual linking website approaches other websites, bloggers, and influencers that belong to their niche and ask them to give a link back on their content. They also ask influencers to share their content.  
  • Self-created links: there are the links that are created by performing various off-page SEO activities like bookmarking, guest posting, forum, blog commenting, and more. 

Off-page Seo techniques to follow in 2020: 

1. Social Bookmarking 

It is one of the most common and most widely used off-page SEO techniques that allow you to promote your brand and website.  There are a handful of well known social bookmarking sites with great URL Rating. Reddit, mix.com, myspace, and more are the popular social bookmarking websites. 

Mainly if we talk about mix then it will surely help you in generating more quality traffic. If you are confused about how to do social bookmarking? 

You can start by creating an account in the name of your brand and website, complete the profile, identify and join the right group, place the link where it allows and start posting attractive and persuasive content with proper tags. 

Make sure you check the spamming policy because it not only you but they also know that you are creating a backlink for the benefit of your website. So, if you commit a small mistake they will not hesitate in removing your account. 

For example, Reddit has a strict policy if you place any anchor text of your website while posting any article or content on its platform. Then they will ban your account and the content that you posted. So, be careful while performing any action on social bookmarking websites. 

Top Social bookmarking sites with DA 70-90

2. Guest Posting 

Another popular off-page SEO technique but not widely used platform as of social bookmarking. Guest Posting is an off-page SEO technique where you have to write a blog or an article for other websites that fall under your niche.

If you want to search for websites that accept guest posting then you can do it by typing the following terms in the search engine: 

  • Your Target Keyword “Write For Us”
  • Your Target Keyword “Guest Post”
  • Your Target Keyword “Contributing Writer”
  • Your Target Keyword “Submit Content”
  • Your Target Keyword “Submit post”
  • Your Target Keyword “ Submit your content”
  • Your Target Keyword “Guest Blogger”
  • Your Target Keyword “article wanted”
  • Your Target Keyword “become a guest writer”
  • Your Target Keyword “Submit an article”
  • Your Target Keyword “guest author”
  • Your Target Keyword “send a tip”
  • Your Target Keyword “Guest Blogger”

There are many Guest posting websites that you can find on the internet but if you want to make your guest posting effective then try to target websites with higher DA (domain authority)

Before writing a guest post for a higher DA website, you need to approach them with proper email and give them authentic reasons on why they should post your article and how it is going to help them. Once you are successful in posting your content on the higher Da website and getting a backlink from them then you can easily see the growth in your website. 

3. Brand Mention

In the earlier days brand mention was counted as the Off-page SEO technique but most of the websites were not focused on implementing it. Today with the increase in the implementation of various off-page SEO techniques brand mentions are grabbing many site owners and SEO expert attention. 

If your website is producing good and effective content based on authentic data the other website will surely talk about your content and mention your brand and company name. Once you see other websites talking about you then you are doing great and increasing your website authenticity. 

Today social mention or brand mention gives a reason to search engines on why they should place your website on the top in SERP. You can boost your brand mention by engaging your social media audience and by offering valuable content to the user.

4. Influencers Outreach 

Influencers Outreach is another effective off-page SEO technique that can help you to increase your brand awareness website traffic and content reach. To get in-depth detail about the working of this off-page SEO technique we have given two different scenarios. 

Imagine a scenario where you create content and in the review section, you can find a leading influencer commenting and giving positive feedback about your content. Imagine another scenario where a leading influence on your niche is sharing your content in front of their audience. 

Both the scenarios sound interesting, right? Yes, it is when influences share your content then it creates a positive impact on your website. And If your content relates to the user then you may start getting more organic traffic which will grab search engine crawler attention. Because today’s search engine also gives preference to content liked by the user. 

You can get in touch with an influencer that related to your niche. Reach out to them give them a reason why they should share your content or in exchange, you can tell them that your website will promote their content. 

There are paid influencers but we don’t recommend selecting a paid influencer. Because they will share the content but if your content fails to grab the user’s attention then your off-page campaign will fail.  Instead of spending money, you can put your effort and time into creating content liked by both influencers and their audience. 

5. Blog/Content Marketing 

Content marketing is not a new off-page SEO technique but many site owners and SEO executives don’t know how to utilize to get impactful results. One of the biggest misconceptions of the site owner is that they think text content is only the content type.

But in reality, every platform offers different types of content. For Example, YouTube is popular in offering video content whereas Instagram is popular for offering infographics and image, Facebook and Twitter is used to deliver short content mainly the thoughts. 

In 2020 short video content and infographic are grabbing many user’s attention.  so if you are creating a blog post for your website try to offer the same content in different formats.  for example, if you’re creating a blog post for Can Any Inbound Linking Hurt My Ranking?. You can convert the same text content into short video content or infographic content. 

Offering different formats of content will not only help you to improve your content reach but it will also help you to engage the audience, drive traffic to your website, improve your website authenticity, and lastly it’s ranking. 

6. Article Submission

It is another widely used Off-page SEO technique where site owner or SEO expert creates high-quality articles and submits it on article submission websites. There are many well-known article submissions with high DA like HubPage, Wattpad, Ezine Article, live journal, and more.  

The article submission process is not as complicated as the Guest posting. In article submission first, you have to create an account on the website, complete your profile, then publish the article with the targeted keyword and backlink to your website. 

Try to create a separate article for submission. Don’t copy and paste the content that you have on your blog page.  Most of the people republish their content in article submission if you are among them then avoid doing it because these types of practices can affect your UR (URL rating) of your website. Mostly for the website with low DA. 

Create original content with a word count between 400-500 and include your targeted keyword. You can also include images if your article submission website allows you to do so. 
Popular article submission websites:





7. Questions and Answers 

It is another effective off-page SEO technique that can help you to increase your website traffic and content research. Most of the time after creating content wait for the user to arrive. 

Instead of waiting for th user to arrive, it’s better to take your content to potential users that are looking for it. Question and Answer website is the most effective way of increasing your content reach. There are many Q&A websites like  Quora, stack overflow, yahoo answers, and more. 

We recommend you select the website’s having high Da and authority. Search for the question that related to your niche and write a persuasive answer that can add value and the questioner can visit your content to get in-depth details.  

For example, if any questionnaire is asking for tips to improve their website ranking then you can give them a short description of main points and ask them to visit your website to get in-depth details about each point. 

Place your link in a way that doesn’t show that you are a spammer. Most of the time question and answer website blocks the answer that tries to build links. Instead, place the link whets its needed. If used properly this strategy can surely give you impactful results. 

Popular Q&A websites:




8. Forum Discussion

Advertising or getting traffic from the forum is not as easy as many site owner thinks. Unnecerally if you post any link on any forum discussion then the admin may restrict your access. Because they know if anyone user starts posting links or promoting their website then it will encourage others to advertise their website. 

So the question is how to use the forum to drive traffic on the content and website?

Firstly you can start by finding a forum discussion that relates to your niche. Next start communicating with the audience and build a strong relationship with them. You can do it by solving their problems or by giving advice or suggestion to them. 

Don’t forget to add an anchor in the signature while creating your profile because whenever you communicate in the forum your signature is displayed along with anchor. If the users in the Forum find your solution to be authentic then they will not hesitate to visit your content page or website. Make sure your solution is bringing value to the participants. 

If you are searching for the forum site in Google then you can type out the following phrase –  

Your niche name + forum. 

Popular Forum discussion websites:






9. Video Submission 

In 2020 Videos are going to be the main source for the user to consume content. Because today everyone knows that video content takes less time compared to text content. An attractive and educating video will surely help you to drive more traffic on videos as well as on your website. 

If you are looking for an effective Off-page SEO technique then video submission can be a perfect choice. Investing in creating a video will surely make your money worth it. As video content have higher engagement and shareability. 

You can create videos and through that, you can easily dive traffic. For example, if you are creating a video about how to increase your conversion rate then in the videos you can place a card that can redirect your viewers to your website. 

There are tons of video submissions website apart for Facebook, youtube, Instagram, and more. Below we have mentioned some popular video submission websites.

Popular video submission websites: 





10. Search engine submission 

Not a new off-page SEO technique but an effective one. The good part about search engine submission is you don’t have to creat those big articles and a short description. 

Before assigning any rank to a website or web page search engine crawls and index the website. Search engine submission helps you to grab search engine crawler attention. By performing search engine submission you are asking crawler to index your website or webpage sooner. 

Whenever you update any content on your website make sure you index it through web maters tools like google search console and bing webmaster. There are many search engine submission site check below. If we talk about effective then search consoles are always considered as the most effective indexing platform.  

Popular Search Engine Submission Websites:







11. Building broken links

Broken link building is one of the effective and but not an easy off-page SEO technique that can help you in getting a link back from another website. Today did the increase in the vulnerabilities it has very common to find a broken link on a website.  That’s what you have to do. 

You have to find a broken link on a website that is linked to other pages. Contact the owner of the website through email and tell them about the broken link they have on their website and how it can affect their ranking. In the same email, you can indue your website content link that matches the other broken link inside the website. 

If your website domain authority is up to the mark and the content inside your web page is effective then the site owner will not hesitate in adding your link. This type of broken link occurs when the website is not active (lost their hosting) or during any data import and exchange. 

You can also identify broken links present in your website and rebuild them. If used properly then this off-page SEO techniques will surely give you impactful results. 

12. Blog commenting 

Many of you might think that it is an outdated off-page SEO techniques but it’s not if used properly. Previously Block commenting was one of the easiest sources to get backlinks from another website.  that’s why Google decided to mark those Links useless. That’s why the use of blog commenting has reduced. 

But most of you are not aware that block commenting is one of the essential sources to build a strong relationship with the website and the content writer.  there are chances that if you interact with the website owner then if future if you ask them to place your content link then they will not hesitate because they already know you. 

So make a list of websites that belong to your niche Start giving proper suggestions and interacting with the website owner through content. In the future, you can ask them “hey we have created an impactful content on conversion rate optimization do you mind placing an anchor of our web page in your blog”. 

You can also look for websites that allow you to place your link in the comment section it will not be effective in terms of ranking but it can help you to drive more organic traffic. 

Extra Off-page Technique to know: 

Higher the E-A-T, Powerful the link  

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is one of the most important but underrated aspects of SEO. Getting a backlink from the E-A-T website will be considered equal to building 10 backlinks from other websites. 

Well, it is not easy to get the link for the websites that are trusted by Google and considered as the expert and authority in the particular field. But once you successfully manage to get the backlink from the industry leader then it will surely help your website in achieving a higher rank on Google. 

For example, websites like Moz have many websites linking to their blogs. It indicates that Moz is considered as the expertise, has gained the authority, and trusted by websites linking back to them. That’s why you should consider improving your E-A-T and it can be done once your blogs and website start ranking and getting backlinks from the industry leader. 

Referring Domain 

It is one of the popular terms in Off-page SEO. According to Ahrefs, Referring domain is the website from which the target website or web page has one or two links.  That means if your web page is getting a link from another website then that called a referring domain. If the same web page is getting another link then your web page has 2 referring domains. 

egoodmedia.com-referring-domains-vs-search-trafficToday it is not about building a number of backlinks on your website. If you want your website to drive more sales and conversion then you should focus on getting more referring domains on the web page you want to rank in SERP. If you look at the above graph then you may determine the contribution of the referral domain in getting more organic traffic.

To check the total referring domain on your website you can use tools like Ahrefs, backlink checker, and more. Once your desired website starts getting organic traffic then it will automatically grab the search engine’s attention. That will help your website and web page to get a higher ranking. 

Backlink authority 

There are various low-quality websites present on the internet that will allow you to build links. But remember quality always matters when you are buying the grocery for your store or cloth for yourself you always check the quality of the brand. The same things search engines do with every website, before assigning the rank search engine verifies the link quality and depending on that your website is ranked. 

It works on the simple formula higher the authority of the link your website is getting, more authority it will pass on to your website and web page. Earlier page Rank was used to determine the authority of the website but after 2016 it discontinued. 

Now URL (UR) rating is used to determine the strength of the target URL. Tools like Ahrefs, semrush can be used to determine the UR score of a website. It also allows you to check the URL rating of all the referring pages. Using these tools will help you in determining the health, quality, and authority of the referring domain. 

Anchor Text 

It is another popular term that can help you optimize your website ranking. Anchor text is the clickable text that redirects the user to the different web pages and allows website owners to link one web page from another.

While assigning rank of the website search engine considers various factors, anchor text is one among them. Always create anchor text with a phrase that matches your website purpose. If you look at the bar graph then you may identify why site owners should create anchor text on the related phrase.  

egoodmedia.com-anchor-text-vs-rankingsWhile building backlinks you may find it difficult to place anchor text but whenever you get a chance like in guest posting make sure you create an anchor text on your targeted keyword. Do it naturally as google penalized websites that build links using keyword-rich anchors. 

For example, if your website is about web design and you’re writing a guest post and linking one of the keywords “ top web design company”  then it falls under natural linking. However, if you try to create anchor web design anchor text in social media marketing guest posts then there are chances that search engines may penalize your website. 


If you want your website to rank on the top in the search engine result page than it is important for you to know that the search engine considers many factors before deciding rank for a website. Effective Off-Page SEO techniques and strategy can surely help you to get your website positioned on the top in SERP. 

We have mentioned some of the new and old off-page SEO techniques that you can include in your SEO strategy. Remember link building is one of the key aspects fo ranking factor. Today with the increase in the competition it is not easy to get backlinks for an authority website. But an effective SEO strategy will surely helo you in getting impactful results.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How Do off-page SEO works?

Off-page refers to the search marketing efforts made outside of your website to increase its ranking in SERP. These types of efforts include link building, Content Marketing, Guest Posting, influencers outreach, and more and more. Both on-page and off-page SEO plays a crucial role in determining a website ranking but if you want to increase your visibility and E-A-T then it is important to focus on Off-page SEO. 

2. What are the Off-page SEO techniques? 

Below are the best off-page SEO techniques for your website 

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Brand Mention 
  • Influencers Outreach
    Blog/Content Marketing 
  • Article Submission
  • Questions and Answers 
  • Forum Discussion
  • Video Submission 
  • Search engine submission 
  • Building broken links