What browser do you use for your SEO operations? Does it provide Google extension support? Do you find it sufficient for your SEO objectives? These questions are very crucial for an SEO professional or a website developer who wants to rank higher on the SERPs. Every sort of website needs to build proper SEO strategies to make a difference. Better SEO brings you better online traffic & enhances your popularity among the search engines. 

Web development is useless without a web browser. Especially for a CMS based website development. You can’t develop a WordPress website in the air. Though you’ve got dedicated application software for everything today, you can’t conduct research without a web browser. Google Chrome is a largely used web browser that is popular among a variety of internet users across the globe. It serves millions of shopping lovers to IT professionals in the world. 

Talking about web developers & digital marketers, Google Chrome has delivered a variety of extensions to help them create revolutionary websites over time. Not just website development, Google extensions support other professionals to generate better outcomes for their jobs & business. Coming back to SEO, Google has an immense collection of chrome extensions to offer emerging digital marketing experts out there. 

We’ve come with this post to instruct various digital marketing & WordPress professionals & employees about the emerging Chrome extensions they can use in 2020. We’re from WSAI Technologies and we strive to support potential WordPress developers for better outcomes. In this article we’ll cover the following subtopics:

  • What Are Chrome Extensions?
  • Why are SEO Chrome Extensions Important?
  • 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Good SEO
  • Final Thoughts

You can easily find and install your favorite SEO Chrome extensions on your browser. Apart from this Google also helps you recover any data on your extension in case you close your web browser in an emergency. If you’re new to a digital marketing career you’ll find this article valuable. Here’s a detailed analysis of the story!

What Are Chrome Extensions?


Before assessing the best chrome extensions to use in 2020 we must comprehend the meaning of chrome extensions. Many aspiring digital marketers keep installing irrelevant extensions without analyzing their worth. Chrome Extensions are lite software programs that aim to enhance the internet user experience, whether associated with general visitors or tech professionals. Each extension has its individual features. If you want to improve your writing pieces, you have Grammarly. If you want to draw certain discounts & cashback from your shopping preferences, you have Honey or Amazon Assistant.

Chrome extensions also save a lot of time for you to execute multiple tasks. You can’t really open multiple tabs for your varied requirements every time. It can affect your PC performance or lower down your loading speed. Speed is very important for being an IT professional. As such, there are lots of advantages of SEO friendly chrome extensions. Let’s discuss them in the next section in detail. 

Why Are SEO Chrome Extensions Important?

Website development is a blend of principles, knowledge, and tools. Many small, medium & online items together build a website. SEO is one of them. SEO is an ongoing process because search engine algorithms keep altering. Or else, there won’t be any reliable domain in the search engine results. Internet users often undergo malware practices instead of reaching their information goal. But not these days. 

Search engines have made website owners work on their SEO circumstances to provide for the interests of internet users. And, you too need to contribute to this mission. Chrome extensions are the instruments you’ll need on your journey. Here’s why they are so important for your SEO goals. 

1. Enhance Website Content

Content is the heart of your SEO effort. Whatever search engines rank on SERPs relates directly or indirectly to your website content except for search engine ads. Because search engine ads are not a part of inbound marketing, content is. Search engine ads have nothing to do with the search engine ranking, but your web page information does. Chrome extensions like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Power Thesaurus, etc, help you build engaging & user-friendly content for your website visitors. The more visitors, the more SEO friendly website you make. 

2. Track Web Page Performance

For fine SEO, you also have to track your web page performance from time to time. You might have a target web page that performs exceptionally, however, you can’t bet on it forever. You always have to look forward as information changes, products & services change & user preferences also change over time. As such, you must focus on the improvement of each and every page on your website. SimilarWeb is a renowned chrome extension webmasters often use to track the performance of their web pages.

3. Organization of tasks

SEO is a network of tasks & duties. It is not a game of one person until you’re working on a personalized project. SEO jobs are usually divided into on-page & off-page responsibilities. The even more interesting thing is that on-page & off-page have separate sub-categories of jobs and duties. However, these are all executive-level duties. If you’re planning to run your personal blog or approaching a senior level post in your digital marketing firm you have to handle various aspects of your website SEO. Chrome extensions could be your best friend in this context. It helps you save time and stay away from complications. SEO can be complicated if you make it so.

4. Helps to Evaluate Websites

Searching for prospective referring domains is an effective part of your off-page SEO strategy. However, drawing backlinks from high ranking websites is more important. Then how to search for the right referring websites? Chrome extension has a perfect solution for your problem. It lets you analyze the DA & PA of each website on the SERPs. Moz provides a reliable google extension to support you on your quest for the high ranking websites. Just one click and your Mozbar is ready to serve you. Along with personalized results for each website page, it helps you choose the best websites from search engine results. It can be enabled in SERPs.

5. Encourage Easy Communication

If you have a web media business with a dedicated SEO team, Chrome extensions like Google Hangouts, Flock & Flock Screen Share can help you establish your communication network easily. Quick communication is very important if you want to set up a substantial SEO strategy. Moreover, better communication can let your employees share essential information together. Easy communication saves your time & effort asking someone about something. SEO offers so much to learn if you can arrange for a fine communication channel among your digital marketing team. 

The importance of SEO chrome extensions further expands with the number of programs available. The more the number of programs the diverse the benefits will get. It depends on how many extensions you like to include in your web browser. Sometimes you have to ensure a powerful computer system as overstuffed chrome extensions could affect the speed of your PC. The browser has nothing to do with this. Search engines like Google are based on multiple server support systems. As such, you just need to focus on your functional arrangements. Let’s move to the next section of the post!

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Good SEO in 2020

Although Chrome Web Store is filled with thousands of SEO extensions you can’t use everything. There are multiple alternatives for one objective. And that’s how the thing works. If you won’t face problems you won’t get alternative choices to make. There can be some little drawbacks associated with each SEO chrome extension out there. Some ignore them, some switch to other alternatives. Nevertheless, you always have to keep moving. Taking this into account we are going to represent the 10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions you can approach to enhance your web development plans for 2020. Let’s check them out!

1. GrowthBar

As its name suggests GrowthBar is a chrome extension that allows you to analyze your website’s medium of growth. The extension is essentially programmed to reveal your website’s performance on various SEO grounds. With this tool, you don’t have to conduct individual research on your website pages on a non-technical basis. You can do easy keyword research on your web pages as the tool depicts the best performing keywords on your specified web pages effectively. Why discuss stories, let’s have an overview of it’s leading features:

  • You can explore the website’s best performing keywords
  • You can review the difficulty score of a specified keyword
  • The tool provides you Domain Authority of your website or someone else’s domain
  • With GrowthBar you can figure out backlink data of a referring domain you like
  • The tool also provides word count for selected web page
  • Ideas to improve your search engine ranking
  • You get a free trial for the first 5 days and more

Though you have to get a paid monthly subscription you can conduct an effective SEO strategy using this chrome extension. Better SEO often demands better subscription plans.

2. Evernote Content Clipper

The next chrome extension on the list essentially provides for your content saving goals. Exploring through the search engine results you often find some amazing pieces of information. You can use that information in your website content building strategy in a future period. With Evernote Content Clipper you don’t need to waste time to copy & paste it here and there for personal storage. You don’t have to figure out your browsing history either. You can quickly save your favorite articles & web page content in three ways-

  • Full-length content
  • Partial content in a simplified way
  • Specified highlights of the content

It can be used as a reminder of what content topic you want to get started with. Now don’t overlook any important information in a hope that you’ll find it back someday in the future. SERP fluctuations may affect the Quantcast rank of any website out there. Safeguard your favorite web pages today!

3. BuzzSumo

The chrome extension is popular to figure out the popularity of a specified content or web page you have visited. If you want to analyze the performance of a specified content without leaving your web page, BuzzSumo is going to be your best friend. You just need to open the content URL and click on the BuzzSumo extension. It will also help you analyze the social media network the article has created with its popularity. 

You can check the total engagement on Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter that your favorite content has acquired. Thereafter, you can also check the number of links & evergreen score achieved by the content. Following this, you can decide on the reliability of the content and the information you’re seeking. 

4. Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Moving ahead to online traffic issues, your web page speed could be a notable factor to send your visitors back. A low Dwell Time is not good for your web page SEO. Google’s PageSpeed Insight chrome extension is essentially focused on giving you a detailed report of your web page speed. Even more innovative is its dedicated advice you’ll find at the bottom of each web page result it exhibits. It helps you figure out your SEO loss in accordance with the least amount of time your web page is late to open. 

According to Google Algorithm, a slow web page loading speed indicates negative SEO circumstances. You must make sure to conduct frequent website speed checks through chrome extensions like this one.

5. MozBar

Though it’s quite an extension that everyone is aware of, you can’t overlook its utility. Webmasters often remove this extension after achieving a specified SEO objective. In fact, many newbie online bidders and digital marketing professionals don’t consider it essential to check the DA of the client’s website in advance. As a digital marketer, you must know to whom you’re going to provide your services. Clients often expect irrelevant effort & time from your side. They don’t even pay appropriately for your dedication. If you’ve delivered for a website with a high DA, ask for fine payment. As such, don’t ignore MozBar with your business plan.

6. Google’s Page Analytics

Do you still visit Google Analytics to figure out your visitor’s behavior on specified web pages? Then let’s make it easy with the new Google Page Analytics extension. With the help of this tool, you can analyze the most frequent user clicks on your web page. You can also find the number of active visitors approaching a particular web page at a specific time. You can additionally specify the click-through rate on dedicated CTA buttons on your web pages. You can also figure out the same for your specific links on the same web pages.

7. VidIQ YouTube Extension

Video linking or YouTube linking is considered a powerful SEO strategy to rank the web pages these days. If you’ve got the best video content to allure your visitors VidIQ is the extension for you. VidIQ YouTube extension helps you track your YouTube performance. Generating YouTube traffic can be an additional challenge for you to grow on search engine ranking. However, VidIQ supports you with your channel audit and suggests different ways you could improve your video content. It will also help you assess your competitor’s strategies for video content. 

8. SEO Quake

With SEO Quake you can scrutinize other aspects of SERP metrics while conducting research. The browser extension is perfect for SEO professionals who need to analyze the page rank & Alexa rank of a website page. You get information on total backlinks, PR, web page traffic, indexed pages, Alexa rank, age of domain & whois report on a specific web page. In addition, the extension lets you download a CSV document of the SERP results along with their SERP metrics. You can use that information to improve your SEO strategy in the long run.

9. FindThatLead

If you have an off-page link-building strategy, this tool can prove to be your best weapon. Capturing do-follow links from leading referring domains can’t be possible without a cold email outreach in bulk. And even more important is your chance to grab the right email addresses out of the pool of prospective referring domains. If you’re unable to fetch the right email addresses, it will be a waste of time. FindThatLead extension provides you 50 free monthly attempts to find the right website or LinkedIn emails for better communication. 

10. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This tool is another way you can analyze your web page condition but on the basis of its backlink database. The extension mainly focuses on your web page’s backlink performance & suggests to you how you can improve your external linking strategy. The main highlights of the extension are- Dedicated Trust Metrics, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Referring Domains, Backlink History & External Backlinks associated with your web page. 


So these were some of the most important chrome extensions we believe you shouldn’t neglect this year. Google extensions are fun, easy to use & widely SEO integrated to support you with your search engine ranking targets. You just need a passion to explore. Additionally, we suggest you must review the features and the user ratings & reviews on each chrome extension you decide to install. At WSAI Technologies we focus on generating future WordPress developers & digital marketers. Let’s utilize information together!!